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Quick Steps to get more Instagram Followers daily

Right when I started with this blog, I wanted to take things to a new level and wanted to present you with every possible guide to daily stuff as I could. Not only does that include what I was doing with ROMs and rooting here, but that really includes everything, even getting a great number of Instagram followers. So, let me present you with a full guide where I will mention how to get more Instagram followers daily.

Quick Steps to get more Instagram Followers daily

Boost followers to get more Instagram Followers daily

Instagram is totally different from what it is now, right from the logo to the design, everything has changed. What Instagram looked like before, it has changed that including changing all the designs and introducing the new features.

A lot of people actually think that if they ‘buy instagram followers’, they might be doing something good as it one of the best method to raise instagram followers (not until you don’t want to spend money like a millionaire). But no, you don’t want to spend all that money jsut for getting a few number of likes, which anyway won’t do you good. Apart from your followers on instagram, if you are really into the ideaoverdoing of getting more, well let me help you today.

Get Real Followers - With these magical steps

But before I actually start sharing the full guide to you of how to get more Instagram followers daily, let me ask you. Is it only for those likes, comments and mentions on the different posts which you are craving for? Apparently, you are involving into a much deeper audience as soon as your Instagram empire starts raising, and for that, you need to be better at everything you do.

You can get instagram followers easily by this guide which I am going to share. But please, make sure that you don’t overdo it (till the end of this post, you will. understand what I mean by overdoing).

step 1: build your profile to something which normal eyes just can’t handle

Yes, I mean it. It is just not any showcasing or whatever you think. If you are on Instagram and want to get’em followers, rather than you buy real instagram followers, just start off with building your profile to the maximum. This includes one of the best pics in your gallery, one awesome instagram bio, which you can Google anyway or if you are just that creative, you will make it yourself.

Okay, wait. I know you just might be thinking what do I actually mean by a complete profile, right? Well, for that let me show you an example of my own profile.

how to get more Instagram followers daily
Okay, so if you are done with praising me, let me tell you how it is done. For that name, you need to have one good and complete name entered rather than making any abbreviations or putting numbers at the end. They are really pathetic. You need to have a complete name and a username.

Tell me honestly, which of the profiles would you choose? A profile which is full of exciting stuff with good amount of posts and a great info about the person, or a profile which hardly has any good post and lacks all the basic info? Why am I even asking this? Of course, you would choose the first one just because what you see, pleases you.

Let us get it done:

  • For name: Write your full name in the info section.
  • A good username: Of course, it is important. Make sure to choose a unique one.
  • A URL: If you own a website or a blog, choose that. If not, you can either leave it empty or just refer to your facebook profile by giving the specific web address.
  • Bio: Make sure it is good and you put good info about yourself in the bio. Just because if people open your profile, the first thing they will go through is the bio. Make pretty sure that you have one worth reading.

step 2: post photos that grab attention

This is one of the most important thing in getting instagram followers rapidly. As a normal Instagram user, all that you would love is such a pic which is detailed, which is taken in the bets scenario and something what you will love to see.

For me, I consider any pic the best only and only if you have put one good caption to where you are, tagged the right persons and given full detail of where you actually were at the time of shooting the picture. I will show you one example of a good pic.

This pic has everything which you need. It has a location, a venue, right people tagged and a caption worth reading. This is one of the best posts.

Post such photos which grab your attention, not something which is going on in a trend. Remember, you don’t have to follow the trend, you have to be the trend. If you are posting a pic, make sure it is unique rather than copying it from anywhere else and disappointing the viewers.

step 3: use hashtags

Oh, boy! Did I forget to mention that this is one of the most important feature of raising your Instagram followers to a considerable amount? Well yes, you need to follow the hashtags in the best way and need to put them wherever necessary. A simple hashtag perfect for the situation is the best one and when put in the perfect place, can gain you a lot of audience.

I myself generally don’t use hashtags much because I don’t want that much audience in Instagram. But you can do that.

Hashtags give you a lot of visibility and your profile emerges in the searched items. If you post one good hashtag, people will be looking for some of them elsewhere and at the end may land up on your profile and if you already have followed my above steps, then they will follow you for sure.

It simply doesn’t mean that you have to fill your captions with hashtags. No. That is the worst meaning to what you will get from here. You need to put the perfect ones. This procedure of hashtags goes right from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter too.


because if you exceed this number, Instagram won’t let you post the photo which you are trying to upload.

So, what is the best way to put a hashtag? See, if you are posting a selfie, you can put a hashtag of #happy or #chilling or these short types of hashtags. They will let other people find you. And the reason these will be the worthy hashtags for you is just because other people too use these hashtags, which means that you will be noticed. The long ha hashtags won’t work for you. Not one bit.

See, this picture below:

Look at the hashtag which Emilia has put there. Nobody searches for these hashtags but as she is already a popular personality, it doesn’t matter for her. She does it for fun. But when it comes to normal Instagrammers, you need to take things seriously and put the specific hashtags which suit your photos.

step 4: create a post schedule

Yes, this one is also a very important stuff. If you have a good number of followers, then you won’t need to work that hard over schedules, but if you are looking for a good audience, make sure that you follow this schedule:

  • 2-3 photos per day. 
  • 5-10 stories per day. 
  • 1 live video daily (Keep the time same daily). 

So, what is the crux here? Well, if you follow this routine and use good captions and hashtags, you will get good audience too and your Instagram empire will grow. But don’t stick to photos only. Post some good videos too which you feel that people will like. If you are one such person who has a great lifestyle, people would want to become a part of it and soon will start joining you in this journey of yours.

Talking about the stories, don’t fret after seeing the number of stories you have to post. If you just don’t have an idea of what to do, let me help you. Post a story in series and the number of events will together form a video. Do some interesting activity and drag it long for people to always see it. Tag other persons in your stories and make it worthwhile to see. People love how you really enjoy your life there. This is the best thing you can do, honestly.

And for the live video, do it anytime but make a schedule in your day. If you have some interesting activity piled up, share it with your friends too. Let your friends see and comment and tag you in pictures too. This will give a boost to your Instagram profile. As long as you are live, more people will see you.

step 5: the ultimate challenge- follow 30 users per hour

This number can drop for you. I remember when I started using instagram for the first time, I followed everybody whom I used to come across. I never knew what happens but I liked it. Soon after I followed some 200 or more people in a single hour, my account was locked and I wasn’t able to follow anybody else. I immediately deleted that account and made a new one.

Well, when you start following people who use Instagram, you get to be known by them. If they are humble enough, they will follow you back. If you follow 40-50 users per hour (don’t exceed 50), then there is a high chance that almost 15-20 might even follow you back. This is a good sign, as getting some 20 followers every hour is one good thing.

And lastly, where to find people who will follow you back? It is quite easy. When I tried this method, all I used to do was go to the accounts with highest number of followers. I remember I started with Salena Gomez and personalities like Taylor Swift and Dwayne Johnson, I used to go into their followers’ section and follow some people every now and then. Trust me, it worked and so would for you.

The lastin:

Instagram is one awesome place to be and one awesome app to use. You can start your own tribe of followers and share every event of your lifestyle. If you are planning to buy instagram likes or buy real instagram followers, don’t do it. It will be just a waste of effort and money.


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