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best free VPN services for PC 2021

Lots of people are wondering. is there a completely free vpn for pc? And what vpn is completely FREE?. Today we will answer these questions that occupy a lot of vpn users. In best free vpns for pc 2021

Most of the times, I have seen people from different regions complaining about the sites which they try to visit but aren’t allowed to visit just due to the reason that their ISP doesn’t allow them to visit these sites or there is some other issue with their internet connection and the provider itself. Of course, if you are finding a good alternative to this thing, it is better that you start using a Virtual Private Network a.k.a VPN service. Not sure which one to go for? Have a look at this list of 6+ best free VPN services for PC 2021.

The biggest reason that people opt a free VPN for PC is due to the fact that most of the VPNs which you see, are available for your assistance to protect your internet connection and if your govt has blocked any of the sites in your area or you just aren’t able to visit a site due to an issue with your ISP, then a VPN comes into action.

best free VPN services for PC

A free VPN is always tempting and if you are one moderate internet user who has sophisticated info in his computer, I suggest that you let go of a free VPN for PC and buy one good VPN for your computer. The reason i am saying this is that a VPN which is free (most of the times) sends your personal data to third-party websites which get your full information. Even though you may feel that your internet connection and your data is secure, but trust me, it is not.

But no, a free VPN is not always a threat to your PC if you choose one wisely. Downloading any random VPN won’t help you, but if you have a good info regarding VPNs, then it is better that you really start using a free VPN for PC, but only after sorting out the best one from every other. And just for this reason, I am going to help you by providing the list of best vpn 2022.

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is a type of network technology that establishes a secure network connection over the internet so as to enable the user surf anonymously.  VPN is also used by large cooperation, government agencies and educational institutions to enable their users remotely access their private networks securely.
In order to gain access to a private VPN network, one must have a unique username and pin for authentication. The pin is unique and changes according to a set frequency.

VPNs are now widely popular and used in terms of surfing the web anonymously. A VPN Server you’re connected to receives all your requests. Your requests will have to pass through that VPN server and also the reply will be sent back to that server because that server is now your new (proxy) address. Let’s say you are trying to stream contents on Netflix and you are connected to a VPN server in the UK, Netflix will see your connection as coming from the UK. In this article, we will learn about the best free vpns for pc 2021. 

Free VPNs: Top 4 reasons you should think twice about using them

Top 4 reasons you should think twice about using them VPN. Yeah, free VPNs are enticing. All things considered, why should you need to pay for something you can get for free? Be that as it may, much the same as piracy of the latest movies has its downsides, so does free VPN services. First of all, you’re going to lose your security, safety and also (in worst situations) your personal data.

Some paid VPN services don’t charge a great deal of cash every month. Prices are excellent within people's budget.

1. Your IP address could be involved in fraudulent activities

Hola VPN used to be the king when it comes to free VPNs. Thousands of people were using it to bypass geo-blocking restrictions back in the days before NetFlix started blocking all these VPN services.

In mid-2015, the whole charade came crumbling down. It was discovered by a team of experts that the Hola VPN app was using users connection to increase bandwidth and serve as an endpoint.

This process can cause problems for two reasons. Firstly, your IP address will be logged (server logs). If the person using your endpoint has been up to no good, the police will come looking for you.

Secondly, anybody accessing a website via your endpoint node will be leaving traces of an IP address together with the sites they’ve visited. Thus, this negates the point of using that VPN service in the first place.

Hola VPN has a well-documented case. We can’t be 100 percent sure how many other VPNs are doing the same thing. So it’s advisable not to take the risk.

2. Sell your Personal Data and Track you

VPNs are meant to protect you while you’re on the net. The biggest selling point is that; they stop ISPs from tracking and selling your data.

The idea is simple, encrypt and reroute your data through the VPN servers so your ISP can no longer see your activities online. However you’ve basically just moved from one tracker to another, because your VPN provider can track you.

Obviously, most paid VPN services don’t do such. Their privacy policies are extensive and they take pride in the fact that they don’t track their users.

With a free VPN? You can’t be so certain. All things considered, running a VPN service with hosting and maintaining thousands to millions of users is expensive. In most cases you, by default become a primary source of income for the VPN provider.

Recent studies conducted by CSIRO has indicated that 75 percent of free VPN services used some form of tracking.

Basically, if you use a VPN service for geo blocking or downloading pirated movies then its okay. Anything other than that isn’t advisable. Trust me, it’s not worth the risk.

3. Your IP address might get leaked

A VPN that is working effectively is like a secret tunnel through which your traffic flows, keeping them away from all the bad guys out there. When it finally gets to its destination, it’s difficult to know where it originated from.

However, using a free VPN, the tunnel will not be well crafted, security will be weak and full of security holes. Your IP and data can leak or get picked by any interested party.

This process is known as “DNS leak”. Both IPv4 and IPv6

4. Advertisements get more traffic

Regardless of the possibility that your free VPN provider isn’t selling your data. Another way to generate income is using advertisements.

This shouldn’t sound too unusual. That is how most sites make their money. I mean, Techworld is able to provide you free content with ads as the only means of generating revenue. That’s how most tech publications provide you with free content.

The ads you see on free VPNs have one difference; the advertisers are unique to your proxy address. The VPN providers want you to click those ads, so they tend to give the ad network more traffic than you, the main user.

The outcome? Pages will load slower and this will make your browsing experience less fluid.

So, free VPN services are good for the basic stuffs. If you’re worried about your privacy and data security then get a paid VPN service.

Which are the 5 best free VPN services for PC 2022

When it comes to VPN softwares, paid VPNs can get the job done, but with limitations. you can find our comparison of Paid vs Free VPN here.

Without further ado lets get down to business. Here’s the list of recommended free VPN services. Below is the best free vpns for pc 2021. 

1. CyberGhost

The CyberGhost itself is one of the best free vpn 2022, and the reason that this vpn has millions of fans is that its servers are hosted from USA and UK and even stretched to other European countries, CyberGhost best free laptop vpn, which really assures that you just don’t lose your connection and are able to login everytime via a different server. 

Even though you may feel that CyberGhost is one great VPN, but the limitation which most of the free users of this VPN have to go through is that most of the times, you would be logged out from this VPN and even though you can login back immediately, still it is frustrating when you are doing a very important work or downloading something quite important. So, if you just want to save yourself from the bad effects of this VPM, it is ideal that you buy the premium version of this VPN.

Cyberghost is an easy to use service that hides your online activity and allows you to view contents unavailable in your location. which vpn is free for pc, The service is offered in  both paid and free version.

The free version displays ads and is restricted to 3 hours per session. Which means after 3 hours  you will be disconnected. You can connect again to continue enjoying the anonymity it provides. Also access to servers is limited. Other than that it works pretty well. If you need more features. You can get the paid version. Prices start as $6.6/month.

Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Download Cyberghost

2. Hotspot Shield

Okay so talking about the Hotspot Shield, it is available for Android as well as your Windows PC too. Hotspot Shield best free laptop vpn, When you shift to the website, you will be provided with a trial version of 7 days which you can download and use easily, however, you will have to give your card details for that purpose. Don’t worry they won’t ask for any money without your acceptance. 

The next step is that you will just have to choose a server from a bunch of servers and let the VPN connect so that you can browse the internet without any limitations. It is a good VPN, but I personally hate the ads and the customization it does to your browser like changing the default search engine etc. Other than that, you will really enjoy this VPN.

Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Hotspot shield is a very popular VPN service, very easy to use. It offers the basic private browsing and encryption. The free version allow access to only US servers and is ad supported. You can pay for Hotspot Shield Elite to unlock all of its features with access to up to 20 servers. It also offers a onetime payment of $99.9. it’s a solid option for both the free and paid version a there’s no much restriction on the free version. The paid version is obviously better, Hotspot Shield best free vpns for pc download👇. 

Download Hotspot shield

3. Tunnel bear

Tunnel bear best free vpns for pc download. Okay, so the name may not quite please you here, but if you are looking for that one VPN which has servers spread across a lot of countries, then you would generally prefer downloading Tunnel Bear for PC as most of the servers of this VPN are free, yet if you have to choose the server from Australia which is considered to be the fastest, well you may have to go for the premium access which of course is paid. If you would like to browse at quite better speeds with a VPM, there honestly is no better VPN than Tunnel Bear best free vpn for windows.

Tunnel Bear is another solid VPN service that works pretty well. The free version has a data cap of 500MB per month, however if you tweet about the company you get an extra 500MB which now  adds up to 1GB and you could repeat that the next month. With the free version you also get access to 18 servers. Tunnel bear has a unique feature called “Intellibear”. This feature lets you whitelist and blacklist websites. For example you could whitelist YouTube so Tunnel Bear automatically goes off when you want to stream content so as to get better speeds. Other features can be unlocked with the paid version with prices starting at $7.99 a month. The service supports up to 5 devices.

Download Tunnel Bear


If you are hunting for the best VPN which has great connecting speed and the browsing speeds are awesome, then do checkout the VPN for PC whcih has been proved to be the best when comapred with the others in terms of availability of servers across the world. Apart from the sudden log outs and minimal ads, you will really love this VPN as it is quite better when finding the servers because if one server is down, you can easily switch to the other. Hide best free vpns for pc download👇. 

Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

5. Spotflux Free VPN

With Spotflux your identity online is completely hidden from all prying eyes. This VPN is basically the same as the others. It creates an encrypted tunnel your computer and the rest of the world. Spotflux best free laptop vpn. The main difference between this free version and any other is that the speed is not restricted. It is the same fast speeds you get with both paid and free versions. Spotflux best free online vpn for pc, The free version gives access to more servers and other perks.

Download Spotflux

6. Steganos Online Shield VPN

Steganos offers solid protection from prying eyes and gives you complete anonymity. The main difference between the free and the paid version is that the free version has a 500MB data cap. Steganos offers solid best free computer vpns You should also note that the paid version only offers a yearly plan of $49.95 which is awkward and might turn a lot of people off.

Download Steganos offers solid

7. Private Tunnel

The reason that this VPN is quite popular is just due to its availability across different platforms, which includes Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and what not. When downloaded, and best free vpn for Windows, the VPN will have some 200MB in account for you as a gift which you can consume just to see how the VPN works. If you love it, you can buy the VPN for one year for just about 30$. Most of the people like this plan as this amount for such a great VPN is quite better and you will also love how this VPN works for you in the premium mode.

Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Download Private Tunnel VPN for Windows


Benefits of using a VPN Service

A VPN allows you to connect to the internet via a server run by the VPN provider. These VPN tools encrypt your data and also come with a lot of important features and services:

  • Privacy: VPN services hide your browsing data from all prying eyes including your government and also your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Bypass Censorship: There are contents on the internet that are censored for your particular location or region. With VPN you can change your location to the preferred one. Also for streaming services like Netflix, you can use VPN services to spoof your location and get access to content that were inaccessible in your region.
  • Protection: Browsing anonymously through VPN services protects you from getting hacked, since your data cannot be accessed thanks to the encryption provided by the VPN Service provider thereby making  your location securely hidden.
  • Access your home and Work network: You can securely connect to your home network while away. More importantly you can access your business network and securely access the resources.

The only concern with VPN software is privacy, which is mostly associated with free VPNs. The Service provider is the only one who can access your data. So if the service provider is providing that service to you free, what’s the catch? Concerns have been raised about some VPN service providers selling users data to large cooperation. With paid VPNs you don’t have to worry about your data security as long as you are paying for the right VPN service.

All About VPN: Paid vs Free

When it comes to protecting your privacy online, the best solutions is to use a VPN. The idea is simple, all your traffic are re-routed to a particular server before they are sent to the destination site. That makes your IP address hidden from the public. Your new address is now that of the server you are connected to.

Paid vs Free

Whether it is for secure communications, protecting your identity or shopping for your groceries, a VPN is a critical tool.
There have been growing concerns about privacy, surveillance, cybercrime and the government spying on its citizens. What this means is that there’s a lot of company’s out there that provide this service and it’s hard to tell which is really there to provide a secure service and which is there to steal your data.

With free VPNs you get what you bargained for. Most of them are good, but they have to generate revenue and also limit the free version. Most free VPNs use targeted ads and limit the bandwidth and also limit the number of servers you can access.

When you want to select a paid VPN service, price shouldn’t be your main focus. There are other things like performance, type of encryption, ease of use and support. All these are also important in selecting a paid VPN service.

A paid VPN service provides more security to your data and you are assured of faster servers and also more servers are available to you. Excellent performance and customer support is also part of what you get with a paid service.

Most paid VPN’s start from as low as $5/month. You can then customize it to your taste.

Final Words

This free list of VPN for PC is just one random-numbered list without any promotion for any of the products. Make sure you read all the description carefully before downloading or buying any VPN. Talking about myself, I generally use VPN just for a torrent site and last time I did, I remember it was one with a free trial...


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