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14 Email Marketing Mistakes On Instagram

If you’re using Instagram to market your Business on Instagram and right now you should be thinking about 14 email marketing mistakes on Instagram inside of your business right now. Generating Leads On Instagram is an entirely different subject so let’s about about the mistakes that you could be making right on Instagram!

Email Marketing Mistakes On Instagram

Today Let’s About the 14 email marketing Mistakes On Instagram.

14 Email Marketing Mistakes On Instagram

About the 14 email marketing Mistakes On Instagram.

1. Not Getting started

Now this is pretty obvious but some people don’t have any clear goals when it comes to Instagram traffic. But you’ll need to set direction of your email marketing efforts if you want to be successful and this means this should be you’re main focus!

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2. Buying Different Domain

 Buying a new domain is pretty simple and you grab a new domain for pretty anyone that sells domains for your business through your email marketing efforts.

3. Blank Email Form

Black email form is not having nothing on your form but something ugly and plain like in aweber, infusion soft, get response but theirs many email software to choose from.

4. Not Buying Lead Capture Page

Lead capture pages are like: Clickfunnels, lead pages through are the popular monthly services. Now one-time payment software is like optimize press, thrive themes for landing pages and just like paid service there are many more. Those are just the most popular of all the service providers.

5. No Offer To Your Opt-in

This huge when comes to email marketing on Instagram because you’ll need something of value for someone to opt-in to. Now I’ve talked to so many people when it comes to email marketing and seen so many pages with nothing to offer. Some people asking people to opt-in but having nothing of value for them to generate a lead. Wow just amazing if you ask me!

6. No Call To Action On No Post

If you want to generate leads to your offer you’ll need to tell about your opt-in and what you’re offering your community inside of Instagram. You don’t people then they’ll never know about your offer. So give a clear call to action about your offer!

7. Lack Of Email Marketing Goals

So, how many email do you wan to collect per week from Instagram 100 per week or 100 per day. Then, you’ll truly need a strategy in place to generate all those emails. Had some DM about 6 months ago and asking what I do with the emails now. Give them more value through blogs, videos, courses, ebooks and anything that would help their success with what you’re doing online or offline!

8. No Link in Bio

Why this is another obvious key but you don’t know how many people actually don’t have a link in their bio. Not I’ve Dm lots people regarding this and can’t even account how many people actually don’t have a link in their bio to send their traffic to. Facebook, email marketing or Facebook Chat bot. Pick and continue to drive traffic to your core offer.

9. Making your profile Private

Why are people going follow are they going follow just to see what you have offer. Of course not! It’s like having a blog but you never release no blog posts. So, make sure your page is set to public instead of public!

10. Link in Bio But Your Domain isn’t Active

You probably think I’m joking but I try to clicking on many links and especially when follow someone page or they follow me. I’ve DM these people too and usually get no response for some odd reason. It’s like they know and don’t have the money or just don’t care. Lack of money, then find another way to drive traffic like Facebook group or something that you can offer people.

11. Using Only Home Page for your Opt-in

Most people put their opt-in all the way at the bottom and hope people will take a look at their offer. Now if you’re looking more than a beginner you’ll know exactly what an upside home page is. Pretty it has your opt-in right at the top of your home page because your home page will be the visited page on online. Not your about page and not many people visit your about page like people think! If you don’t how to create one of these use thrive or optimize press and setup a lead capture for your website as your home page!

12. Never Giving Value To Community

This is one of things that I used to do when it came to Instagram in 2013 on my first profile and didn’t know why I didn’t create a good page on Instagram. That’s because all I did was sell or had the same kind of content that everyone else had!

13. Only Relying on Free Traffic

Now get wrong with blogging, and free social media traffic it’s very effective with generating an email list for your business online. But having a paid and organic strategy online and theirs a reason I didn’t include SEO for Free traffic. Unless you have huge brand in Google you’re going need to pay to play until you create a huge brand on Google. But having a Blog, YouTube channel, Instagram and paying for paid ads on Instagram. This will make your list grow faster and plus you’ll generate a lot more traffic that you own. No Reason to rely on other sources when you hold the traffic in your hand. So use numerous amounts of traffic!!!

14. Spammy Your Opt-in To someone Dm

Ever receive those spammy DM about what people have to offer: Maybe something in the case of “Hey thanks for the follow and glad you followed me on Instagram. I have this free offer or a price tag on it.” So Basically they try to pitch before you ever get to actually meet them on Instagram. An easy way without pitching them can be something like this “ Hey thank for the follow (Name) and see that you’re in business. Was wondering if you check out my latest post and tell me what you think of the post. If it offer some value feel free to comment on your behalf!” Then you can add your insta handle giving them easier access to your profile!

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Real estate website builder FAQs

What email marketing mistakes should be avoided?

Most businesses make email marketing mistakes at some point, which can cost them dearly in terms of brand perception and potential sales. While there are many things that can go wrong with email marketing, the biggest mistakes to avoid include sending too many emails and sending the wrong message at the right time.

Here are some of the most common email marketing mistakes, which you should avoid to not make the same mistakes.

Falling Out of Touch
Penning Poor Subject Lines
Going Crazy With Graphics and Stock Photos.


  • Failing to Utilize Message Previews.
  • Coming Across As Shady
  • Not Letting Readers Reply
  • Neglecting Mobile Users
  • Not Pruning the Branches
  • Failing to Track Campaigns

How can I email Instagram through marketing?

If you’re sending a lot of emails, you’re probably spending a lot of money on them.  A better solution is to email your Instagram following using your email marketing software of choice.  There may be a catch. your marketing software may ensure that your emails don’t go beyond a certain number.  Most email marketing software limits the number of emails you can send per day, which means you can only send email to your followers for so long before you start to spam them. Here are five steps you can take to get started:

  1. Show off your Instagram profile in your emails.
  2. Encourage users to share user-generated content to use in your emails.
  3. Encourage your Instagram followers to subscribe to your emails.
  4. Sync email and Instagram campaign calendars.
  5. Invite email subscribers to join a brand ambassador program. 

Those are the 14 Email Marketing Mistakes On Instagram

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