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How to increase Instagram followers Daily | 3 Month Plan 6k Following

One of the craziest things is people want to learn how to increase Instagram Followers on daily basis quickly and let me tell you it’s about posting 3-6 times per day. It’s not even about having the best content on Instagram either.

How to increase Instagram followers Daily

I know people preach about having great content on Social media and Instagram especially..

When I first started my Page on February 1, 2017 and I didn’t really know the direction of my page. But here’s the kicker this isn’t my page but I want to save you the struggle of teaching you how to increase your Instagram Followers without having to consistently struggling while doing so.

My Single worst mistake in Business was not learning how to build a social media following and in the end it hurt my business altogether. Second mistake was not building an email list in first two years, but I’ll talk about that in a later post

But Here’s What I learned…

After attending webinar after webinar for 6 months learning for all these suppose experts and of them had a few areas to grow you following on daily basis. At no point will I be talking about using automation software or any bot method to grow Instagram Following.

Here’s how to create success on Instagram without Automation Software…

Strategies For How to Increase Instagram Followers

Here are the top 4 strategies for how to get more Instagram Followers. 


1. Posting Regularly On Instagram

This is part where I talk about being consistent on Instagram and this is what I’ve done through networking and creating value. Which here are a few points that I’ll talk about next, when it comes to generating new followers daily for Instagram?

Posting on Instagram is simplest social media platform and has the move engagement when it comes to social media right now. You want to do more than just post a bunch on content on your page but you want to also create high quality message and create your story.

What’s your story of your product or service?

Just one of the questions that you should ask yourself before just throwing your image out to the public and the best way to be found is adding 20-25 hashtags because no one knows who you even are yet. Hopefully you understand your audience or know who you’re trying to target.

How many times should you post in One Day?

So this is a topic for understanding with how many times should you post in day. According to Grant Cardone you should post much as possible until people know who you are. Look at Instagram as email marketing and you don’t want to annoy people.

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While I’ve tested this strategy over and over on how many times to post a day . Plus generate Instagram new followers on a daily basis about 50-100 and sometimes I do get stuck. So, for you I went through the process of posting 1-3, 3-6 and posting once per day.

In the end my best value came down to once per day and seen the best results doing this way. While others say 1-3 and I’ll tell you why you should be posting four times on Instagram. First you want to test different time frames where people are going like and comment on your post.

Find out what works best for you..


2. Why Should Network on Instagram

Are you Currently Networking on Instagram?

One of the least talked about strategies on Instagram and one of the reasons that my account has grown so much in such little time. Networking!

This is not going mean only networking and as a beginner you’re going to put in all the work and I’m currently doing all the work inside of Instagram for generating traffic to my account and gaining new followers daily.

Networking doesn’t mean just Pitch someone your product or service but being a genuine person and telling them about your latest blog post about Instagram or any other type of free content that you have to offer your audience .

Plus commenting and liking others people status update on other accounts. This will take some time on your daily schedule on Instagram and maybe around two hours.

Probably the biggest advantage of growing your account on Instagram is going be shoutouts. Depending on the account you’ll pay different prices for you giving them one of your pics and a caption. The most I’ve paid is $35 for one shoutouts and you’ll need to find accounts close to your niche.

A lot travel pages will do it for free and motivation on the other hand. Lots of them charge for letting them use their account to help you. This is of the biggest, if not the biggest reason that my account has grown about 1k followers per month and still growing.

Don’t sell them something as soon as you meet them, I do a few different styles! One is sending them to blog post or to an opt-in. Most of you are coming from Instagram unless you see this blog post inside of the search engines.


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3. How to Increase Instagram Followers with Researching Relevant Hashtags

Well, I don’t know if you’re doing this for Business or just motivating others to do better others.


I’ll give you a give tips if you’re inside of the motivation niche. Researching #MotivationQuotes and don’t use that hashtag until you think you know you’ll be able to land on the top pages.

While I do use tags like Business or Marketing, but I’ll use them for more exposure in the beginning posting my quote online. Then, I’ll find about 10-15 tags that I’ll be able to rank in the top posts.

I do this by finding people on those niches and find easy targets to land on the top for the top posts.

After this you’ll need to find if people are actually searching for those tags by the likes and comments you’ll receive by posting online.

Here’s what you’ll need to do Next…


4. Sell Less and Create Value

I’ve dedicated a section for this purpose of talking about creating value and not just pitching as soon as you introduced yourself inside of the DM on Instagram. If, you haven’t read the book from Gary V jab, jab, right hook I suggest you read the book.

Basically you want to create enough value for of information about your topic for, when you do decide you want people to send people to an opt-in they already know that you’re the expert on the topic. Maybe create 10 post per week then throw a right hook or maybe a few weeks and this is going depend on your audience to attract new customers.

Now there are tons of people that just pitch their idea in the beginning and never quit pitching that idea to their audience. But you should be dedicated to helping people first before selling them your product online.

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Hope you enjoyed our Post about Instagram, If you like to learn more about Instagram. Go to the link down below for more advanced training On Instagram and we’ll also give you a free all you need to know about search engine optimization.