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Exercise Anywhere: No Need To Go To The Gym To Get In Shape

The gym, a place where I used to force myself to go after a long day of work. This was the routine I followed for a long time. Now I exercise anywhere I can.

Exercise Anywhere: No Need To Go To The Gym To Get In Shape
Exercise Anywhere: No Need To Go To The Gym To Get In Shape

It was weird, I loved to workout, but for some reason getting there and the wonderful smell most gyms have was always a turnoff. Not to mention that guy. You know that guy, the one who always wants to talk. You try to avoid him but somehow he always finds you . Well guess what, if you workout at home he won't find you.

So lets see, first you have to get there, most of the time its crowded unless you wait for the off peak times to go. That's either when most people are working, or in the evenings when your energy and motivation is gone. Then there are gym fees , and trying to cancel a membership which is always fun.

Now of course there is nothing wrong with going to the gym. I did it for many years. But if your tired of it, and you want to exercise anywhere, this article is for you.

Lets get into it:

What You Will Need

The fact is you don't need anything, depending on your experience and how deep of a workout you want. If you are a man or a woman, you can do a workout without any weights, just a decent pair of sneakers is really all you need.

Of course if you want to include pull ups, you will need either a bar or a good tree. Be creative, I used to do pull ups in my garage on one of the cross beams. Always make sure whatever you are using is strong enough to support your weight.

If you want extra resistance, you can get ankle weights, or any size dumbbells you like. Maybe a ball.

Jump rope and resistance bands are some of the other items you can get too. Most of these items are very cheap , you may even have them already.

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No Need To Go By The Book

Another thing I find that goes with the gym is reps and sets. You have to do this many sets and reps.

That may be if you are doing competitive bodybuilding, but I do not follow this approach with my anywhere workout. I used to at the gym, but I would always run into that rut. All of a sudden you are not going anymore, and you don't know why.

It's called being burnt out. I found that as I always said I need to get to the gym and get that hour workout in or what ever time it may have been, eventually it caught up with me and I would just loose the momentum.

At theses times I was always in great shape also. Now if I feel like working out, I do, and if I don't I do not. But I don't put the pressure on myself, and it has been great. I also don't plan , and I don't measure it in time or reps and sets.

When I feel like working out , I will do what ever I feel like at the time. The one thing I do the same as when I went to the gym is the muscle mind connection. What ever you are working out, legs , upper body and even cardio, make sure you are really concentrating on what is being worked out.

Do not just go through the motions or you will not receive the full benefit of a great workout. Now if you want to, you can do three 15 minute workouts in a day. You can do one in the morning, after work and early evening. I have no set schedule that I follow.

Exercise Anywhere You Want

I will sometimes do side leg raises, twists or pushups while I'm waiting for an oil change on my car. You can almost exercise anywhere you want and wherever. Just be creative.

The park is always nice. I will go to a playground, preferably without children around so I don't get strange looks lol.

Of course you can exercise anywhere depending on the weather. I will go out in cold temperatures, but if there is rain or too cold its inside or ill take a day off. Hire yourself and do your household works.

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Whether you like the gym or not, there are always alternatives. If you want to save money, cant get the motivation up or don't like the atmosphere.

When you exercise anywhere you have the ability to work out at your own pace.

Be creative, you may not think you can get a workout in, but most likely you can.

Don't forget, its very important to have a mind muscle connection when ever you are exercising.

And finally, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. If you want to take a day off, go ahead. Try to exercise anywhere at your own pace, and I am sure you will like your results.

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