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How To Stay In A Positive State When Dealing With Negativity

This is the ways to stay positive almost all of the time. The other morning started out like any other typical day. I sprung out of bed inspired as always. I had my normal morning meditation, and felt great looking forward to a beautiful Saturday.

After breakfast I went off to do some part time work I do on the weekends. It was a long drive to my destination, about an hour an 15 minute ride. I listened to my normal inspirational programs on the way in.

How To Stay In A Positive State When Dealing With Negativity

As I arrived at my destination, there were already customers there. By now you must be wondering what this gig is lol. It is like an estate sale, but it’s done online and than people go to pick there stuff up. I help with the pickups.

Ok so usually people are scheduled to come at three slots of times, these are at least a half hour after the time me and my coworkers arrive. This way we have time to go over everything together and get situated. There is usually a lead who is in charge, and than two or three more people depending on size of pickup.

That day it was just Alli who was the lead and myself. I happened to arrive before her , only to see people walking out with stuff. It appeared there was some miss communication and people arrived early to pick up their stuff and were walking out without us checking.

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Now in the past I would have gone crazy and started yelling, but there are much better approaches to deal with unexpected circumstances in life. I quickly sprang into action, than my partner arrived and we were back on track, without the wasted energy of yelling or getting upset.

Shortly after being there, about a half hour into it or so , I received a text from my significant other. I could tell something was amiss, without getting into details it was not the beginning of a loving conversation.

So after debunking the first negative situation, I had another one developing in right after. So my ways to stay positive was a bit hard at the first time.

What You Should Not Do:

In the past if something happened to me early in the day or morning, like what happened when I arrived at my pickup, I would have let it dictate my day. In my mind , I would say “Here we go, it’s going to be one of those days”.

This is a typical reaction that many people have. What you must remember that if you think like that, chances are your day will end up like that. This is not how to stay in a positive state. Here’s an example:

If you wake up on a rainy day, there are two things you can tell yourself right at that moment you look out the window and see that rain. 1) What a miserable day, I hate the rain I’m going back to bed. OR 2) It’s raining out, but my day is going to rock!! I am going to get so much done today!!

Do you see the difference? If you let certain circumstances dictate your life, you will forever be in the trap of negativity.

Another thing I used to do and my mother still does which she is definitely improving on, is over reacting to a situation. Any situation that arises in our lives has the meaning that we attach to it.

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Think about it, haven’t you ever wondered why someone that you know experienced a situation the same as you once did, but handled it so calmly like it was nothing.

I know a gentleman who recently found out he has cancer. Instead of putting his head down and acting defeated, he is smiling and joking with confidence. Now I’m sure you would agree that’s a strong individual, but we all have that ability. This is how to stay in a positive state when faced with a hefty challenge.

Ways To Stay Positive:

Ways to stay positive is not difficult. When you awake in the morning, focus on the positives in your life. Try not to wake up and immediately think about bills, or any other troubles. Be happy with what you have. Focus on the day ahead, think about the positive things you can accomplish for the day.

  • If you are unhappy in your job, be excited that if you want out of that job, you have the ability to get out of it, if you really want to of course.
  • If something comes up, remember nothing has an automatic value until we give it one. In other words don’t loose your head over something that may not be bad at all. Only you decide how bad something is that happens to you.
  • Focus on bettering yourself all the time, anytime you improve yourself in any area in your life you are creating a positive state.
  • Surround yourself with positive people, or try to help someone if they are negative. If you cannot help them then try and distance yourself from them.
  • Meditation is an excellent way to stay in a positive state.

Just smile, smiling all the time makes people around you smile back, and in return brightens up the day.

This is a wonderful interview of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer:

If you are not familiar with his work, you can look him up and find many valuable videos and books he has written.

If anyone knew how to stay in a positive state, it was definitely Wayne Dyer!

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How do you stay in a positive state of mind?

Do you let things bring you down that you have no control over?

How do you react when something out of the ordinary happens? Do you overreact, or really examine it and handle it accordingly?

Where do you draw the when dealing with negative people?

Please feel free to share if you have any audios or videos you listen to for positivity!

Hope you like my ways to stay positive.


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