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Self Improvement Tips - Secrets To A Better Life

Changing Negative into Positive

All of the water in the sea can’t sink a ship unless it get’s inside the ship. On the other hand, negativity in the world can’t bring someone down unless they allow it to get inside of them, which can have an effect on one’s health. We live in a world which is surrounded by hatred and lies, constantly streaming rude images, and voices of negativity. Just using some self improvement tips alone, can be of great benefit.

Self Improvement Tips - Secrets To A Better Life

Positive occurrences seem few and far between. The current picture of the world before our eyes is full of political violence, war, communal tension, climate change, and natural disasters. This creates a very depressing and negative atmosphere around us.

Many of us may be going through a better situation , or are in a good position, but we still live with negativity because of what is happening around us. In order to sustain a positive outlook in such situations, requires wisdom and courage.

Positive thinking(How To Stay In A Positive State When Dealing With Negativity) has been a popular subject in personal development training and material over the past few decades.

To know how to live in a positive state Is one thing, but to actually experience the peacefulness of it in day-to-day life is a true blessing . In the last two decades, courses on personal improvement, positive thinking and self-development have become a hard selling industry that has spawned a mind-boggling array of literature, audio-visual tools, programs, retreats, and much more.

What’s The Solution 

Even with the availability of a large number of self-improvement tips, motivational ideas and a huge number of motivational quotes, people can not escape from the riddle of negativity. It seems like it’s endless and automatic, where one negative is replaced by another. Greed may be replaced by anger, hatred or ego.

The remedy of this situation is to fill the mind with immense positivity. No matter what the situation is, good or bad, always think good about oneself. Think about collective benefit not about self profit only.

Thoughts are energy, or better call it metaphysical energy. The energy coming from thoughts is vibrations. Positive energy has higher vibrations, and negative energy lower vibrations. Positive vibrations are always stronger than negative vibrations.

A carefree person is one who is in control of one’s thoughts and emotions. He or she is careful about not losing focus, and about remaining light. Higher consciousness is a constantly positive consciousness with positive thought patterns. In this state our mind remains calm, there will be less negative thoughts and more power, and the thoughts will be easily capable of turning into action.

Above all, one will have various powers, such as the power to withdraw, to face, to tolerate, not to judge, not to discriminate, to cooperate, to be flexible, and to let go.

To shift consciousness from a lower level to a higher one, we need to borrow the power of intellect. We can learn and practice making new choices, while setting new patterns.

Whenever we choose new positive thoughts, we create new patterns, and make new programs. The more we use positive thoughts, the cleaner our intellect becomes. For that, constant attention is needed.

How Can We Stay Positive?

Reading, self improvement tips, spiritual wisdom, meditation, and serving others help us to remain positive. We have to attain and develop the attitude of finding goodness in everyone’s heart. Carefree people can face difficult situations and problems with quiet confidence and a positive attitude. When we count our blessings and consider problems as opportunities in disguise, we remain light and content.

Gratitude and generosity also help us live a positive life. The past of a person is an expired check; The future is a post-dated check; Cash in on the ‘NOW’

You can embrace with the “Self” in the silence. Silence means telling the mind to calm, to stop the vast traffic of thoughts.

From time to time in silence, we turn to our thoughts within, and find our original identity. We see how to deal with a person, how to understand values like peace and tolerance, our own divinity, and how to add quality to our thinking. With just a few thoughts rather than many, we find a solution. Follow these self improvement tips and see the results with your own eye.

The Change

It now becomes easy to live in harmony with others because we have realized our true self, which is the eternal oasis of peace and joy within. This requires practice.

So how are we able to put wisdom into practice? When we start to understand and master the energy of our mind, we can begin with reflecting: “I am peace”, and peace is a resource within.

Simplicity is royalty anchored in contentment. It is a mantra with joys galore and freedom unlimited. Its definitely the one of the best ways of self improvement tips. Peace means balance, harmony and contentment. Therefore, by creating positive thoughts and by focusing on our positive energy, we are able to put these thoughts into action.

A regular diet of positive thoughts can keep us happy and content all our life. Just as a balanced, healthy diet for the body equips it with the ability to ward off and fight diseases, positive thoughts empower the mind to deal with any situation, however adverse, and ensure that we never lose our happiness, even when things are not going our way.

Self Improvement Tips

Here are techniques and tips for self-improvement. 

Techniques of Letting Go; An Approach To Self Improvement:

Letting go is one of the best self Improvement tips. It is the process through which you create space in your heart and allow yourself to float in positivity and peace. You will get to learn about this technique in the good self-help books or self improvement tips in various courses. It happens when you let go of all the old stuff in your heart and allow new things to come in. Letting go is an invitation for newness and new energy to fill in.

The things that you should let go of are:

  1. Past bitter memories and experiences.
  2. Persons who hurt, betrayed, or harmed you in any way.
  3. Memories and happenings of any place where you had a negative occurrence.
  4. Any situation which causes you to reflect to feelings of sorrow, sadness or anger.


Techniques of letting go are as follows:

Here are the 3 best self-improvement techniques. 

  • Technique 1: ‘Tree of Attachments’

This is one of the very effective self improvement tips. Draw a Tree with several branches on a piece of paper. Assume that you are a bird sitting on a branch. The branches represent the area of attachments and the leaves are the attachments in that particular area. Example: If a branch represents “Office” than one leaf in that branch indicates “Expectation of good salary”.

Another leaf may indicate “Rough behavior from Boss”. Once, you have placed your attachments on the tree diagram, you will get a visual of what you are going to work on. The visual energy helps both the subconscious and conscious mind to dissolve the strings that has been created.

You can visualize yourself as a ‘bird’ that is holding the branch tightly. You are unable to let go as you want something from that person or situation so badly that you are caught up in this expectation feeling like, ‘they have to apologize to me’, or ‘they are so mean’, etc. We have to let go here.

We have to let go of the branch of expectation. The expectation of “Everyone will love me and respect me” , “Everyone will work according to my order”, or “That person will behave cordially with me”. These are some of the thought patterns which we ourselves have created and we ignorantly hold on to these expectations.

We have built our feelings on these expectations, and now we find it hard to change them. Instead of trying to change our own inner system, we vainly stress others to change their behavior according to our own liking.

  • Technique 2: ‘Inner formula for feelings/emotions’

We subconsciously have created some inner formulas of life from our childhood, and keep creating them as life goes on. Some of these formulas are: Person + Response = Expectation = Happiness (Match) , Person + Response = Expectation = Sadness/Hurt (Mismatch).

Some examples: – There is an inner expectation from your spouse that he or she should understand you and act accordingly. Spouse + appreciation = understanding, which = Love (Match). Spouse + conflict = misunderstanding, which =Dislike (Mismatch). Boss +understanding = appreciation = Feeling great. Boss + Corrections = unappreciated = Lower self-esteem. Situation + Result = what I wanted = Happiness. Situation + Result = what I did not want = Grief/Sadness/Worry.

We all have some specific inner formula’s that controls our happiness. When the inner formula matches a (green signal), you easily create positive feelings. When it does not match, (alarm, red signal), you create negative emotions. Follow these self improvement tips and see the results.

What If

Let’s say your kid does not listen to you. You try to blame one part of the formula: my son or daughter does not listen to me and you get frustrated or worried about it. You make all the effort to change your son’s or daughter’s behavior and become further upset when it does not work. Spirituality inspires us to change the other parts of the formula and also enables you to change the formula itself!

You are the creator of the formula:

You can use your wisdom and experience to design a new formula that works irrespective of the external environment. That is: Our past was good; present is better, and future will be the best of all.

You will feel such deep inner power inside you that nothing can touch you. The other parts of the formula are ‘listen’ and ‘the feelings’ created through it. Instead of expecting that ‘certain behavior’ from your kid, you can change your inner formula to give you peace of mind and still have patience to work with him or her.

  • Technique 3: ‘Meditation on Freedom’ Layers of Dependence and Strings:

When we are born, we naturally get attached with strings and become dependent on this world. This invisible rope keeps us tied up within the material world and sometimes do not allow us to access the real ‘me ‘hidden inside’ thriving to come out, and the inner treasures merged within.

As we grow up, we learn to derive peace, love, happiness and all sorts of human needs form these layers. Gradually, we let the outside layers take control of our inner world. The inner world consists of our consciousness, thoughts, feelings, decisions, beliefs, perceptions, memories and so on.

The subtle invisible energy is within this inner world that expresses itself in the outside world. For example: Sometimes our inner consciousness is of love. When this happens, we think lovingly, we feel love, and we see love. Loving memories are recorded, we make loving decisions and, ultimately, manifest love in action through our body, relationships, objects and environment.

Dig A Little Deeper

How can you connect with your inner being? Can you find your real self? Is it hard to be centered? What is mindfulness? All of these questions have the same answer. Peel down each layer one by one. Go deeper and deeper until you reach your inner core. This can be done through the practice of meditation.

Guided Meditation to touch the inner core and feel your real inner self:

A happy life consists in tranquility of the mind. Let go of all the bad feelings, especially material feelings from your mind. Relax your body…feel your breath…breathe in and out…Think and say to yourself “I gently let go of my environment layer…I go beyond my surroundings, noises, and the place I live…free I am…Meditation has always been an effective and one of the most important self improvement tips.

Learn To Let Go

Now, I move on to the next layer of work…I let go of all my worries, responsibilities, and the role I play in my life…Nothing is mine…I let go…Moving on to the next layer of material objects and possessions…I release all the things I use in my life…they are given to me for a reason and temporary use…

They are not mine…I let go… it is freedom…Moving on to the next layer of relationships…all the people I know in my life, I let go… I unchain all my loved ones…everyone that surrounds me I let go of …A free bird I am as I fly…I accept them and I let go as of now…Moving on to the next layer of body…

I let go of the awareness of my body…each part in the body…each cell in the body…I am free… they are not mine…the body is my vehicle….my body and I are separate…there are no layers around me…light I am…I am centered… my inner being is clear… I see my light…this is me…pure light…pure love…just peace…I am peace…I am at my core…complete light, peace and acceptance…I feel myself…”

Embracing with simplicity: The Joy of Simple living

When we think of simplicity, we imagine something soothing, in addition to ordinary, peaceful and understandable. It could seem to be something dull or monotonous, devoid of fun and fashion – not too exciting or hot to offer in a buzzing world. But irrespective of what may be the taste of our times, simplicity is a virtue that is hard to live without. It is a breathing space we all long for. Let us explore what it stands for, and the joys that it brings along.

A simple life is all about sticking to the basics while cutting out the unnecessary one’s. People are now practicing simple living so that they could devote their precious resources of time, energy and money to pursuits they most value. Cutting down on extravagance can thus make room for greater meaning and momentum in our lives.

A person practicing simplicity connects to what is natural. He or she has understanding over their pure core, where all the virtues lie and draw others to the same direction. He or she is closer to Mother Nature and in tune with universal laws. There is no artificiality or falseness in them so the lightness as a being makes them sought for company. A child, with it’s unadulterated purity and innocence, is an example that best demonstrates that simplicity needs no accessories to be attractive.

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Simple Is Underrated

Simple people do not have demands. They do not depend on other people and are humble and approachable. They are able to take the seamless road which bypasses man-made barriers. Each and every relationship they have, they hold to a high value.. Simple people usually have good traits and virtues such as gratitude, patience, indifference to wickedness and so on. So they are a precious gift to our times, when relationships are becoming complicated due to ego issues. If you lead a simple life, you do not need to look for self improvement tips.

If we look around, we will notice that dishonesty comes in the form of either material or emotional supplies. When one is surrounded by the wish of gaining wealth, fame, or power then they get themselves stuck a web of negativity, and manipulate others for the sake of their own interest. Their personality becomes too opaque and complicated to understand. Thus simplicity is not just about giving up the surplus. It is the mark of a strong character which has its roots in emotional self-reliance.

If our emotions do not control our thoughts, our mind is not full of questions regarding life, and we are adjusting, accepting and forgiving. It means we can conduct ourselves in simple way. This in turn means that the joys that come with it – happiness, satisfaction and bliss – will be visible in our life. However, if this is not our reality , it suggests that some hidden desire is blocking our way. Stay happy with what you have, unless you have to roam around internet for self improvement tips.

We automatically shift to the side of giving by limiting our needs. While a luxurious lifestyle struggles with never-ending desires, simple living finds peace and pleasures in serving others. Thus simplicity is not poverty. In fact, it is the mark of royalty that is anchored in contentment. People thriving for self improvement tips, should follow simlicity at first.

Self Improvement FAQs

Answering the most common questions among those interested in the field of self-improvement. 

How can I improve myself everyday?

An important skill for developing is the ability to improve yourself every day, especially if you have a gap in your knowledge. Here are some ways to improve yourself every day:

  • Have a good laugh. 
  • Limit your screen time. 
  • Look to the future. 
  • Eat healthy. 
  • Stay active. 
  • Drink enough water. 
  • Plan ahead. 
  • Stop complaining. 
  • Accept challenges.
  • Set goals
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Learn something new. 

One of the best ways to improve yourself is to visit a museum or art exhibit. Not only will you learn something new, but you’ll also be surrounded by inspiring works of art and architecture. Taking a class is another great way to improve yourself. Not only will you learn about a topic you’re curious about, but you’ll also be surrounded by other people who are also learning about the same thing.

How can I improve myself better?

I had lots of ideas about how to improve myself better but I was never able to apply them. To better improve yourself, do the following. 

  • Remember that no one is perfect.   Everyone has their flaws.   Accept them and then move on.
  • Be more humble and give less attention to what other people think.
  • Don’t feel so bad about your mistakes.
  • Don’t be so preoccupied with making others happy.
  • Remember that your actions matter and have an impact on others.
  • Remember that other people are imperfect too.

What are your 3 areas of self improvement?

Over the last year I have been spending a lot of time improving myself. I’ve read a lot of books, taken a lot of classes, and spent a lot of time working on my relationships. I have come to realize that when I am working on improving myself, I am working on three areas. Each of these areas is incredibly important, and when I am working on all three areas, I feel like I am making huge progress.

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Business
  • Fitness
  • Knowledge

The most important areas of self-improvement, are to improve your health, your relationships, your career, and your environment. Each of these areas of improvement requires a different kind of effort and a different kind of discipline. The first and most obvious way of self improvement is to improve your health. This involves eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.

What are the four ways of self improvement?

There are a variety of ways to improve yourself. Some of these involve formal training, while others are more self-directed. Which approach is best for you depends on your goals and your preferred mode of learning. Here are the four main ways of self improvement. 

  • Read often
  • Commit to an exercise routine
  • Identify in-demand skills
  • Set big goals

The most important way to self-improvement and a better life. is to improve your relationships. This means spending more time with your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your community. It also means strengthening your relationships with your employer.


Some people think that simple living is boring and harmless. Does it mean the absence of beauty? No, it does not. But beauty born out of simplicity is definitely a departure from its clichéd version that is popular today, one that is self-indulgent, too hard to get right, and too exhausting to enjoy.

A well maintained natural form has its own grace and elegance. Simplicity is a classic charm, it never gets outdated. 

Simplicity is not judged by outer lifestyle or attire. We can become a total mess if we have little control to our thinking. If our mind is stuck in the past, or is too apprehensive of the future, then the mess of waste thoughts will entangle our being.

You will be amazed to see how light your load gets when you rid yourself of things you just don’t need. To regain our flight, we need to think simple. 

This means to have fewer thoughts, which are positive and slow, to dwell on solutions rather than problems, and to think only of what matters.

Slow yourself down and dare to be truly intimate with life. Living in the present is an easy way to live simple. We should lead life comfortably with the wisdom learned from the past and keep an eye on the future so that our onward journey is smooth. Everyone should follow these self improvement tips to lead a better and stress free life.

“Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.” – Oscar Wilde. Try to unplug yourself, and breathe a sigh of relief when the constant hum and buzz finally cease. Don’t bother where the lights are, shine with your natural radiance, and you will be noticed.


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