What’s Your Excuse? How To Overcome Not Exercising And Eating Right

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“I’m tired”, “I don’t feel like it”, “it’s raining out”… What’s your excuse? Those are some of the excuses I have used in the past, along with many more. Here i tried to give a manual toovercome Not Exercising And Eating Right excuses.

What’s Your Excuse? How To Overcome Not Exercising And Eating Right

When it comes to exercising and eating right, unless you are a professional body builder or pro athlete, it seems like a daunting task for the average person. Hey it’s not like I get paid to exercise, and eating healthy is expensive. There are so many excuses we can find not to do either. The funny thing is a healthy diet and exercise are the two things we need most to lead a long and relatively good life. So why is it such a hard task for so many ? Is it possible that people do not want to be healthy? I don’t think that’s it.

When it comes down to it , most people consider eating right and exercising chores, or something they have to do. Try and think back to your youth. For kids, riding your bike, playing tag or any other physical play was fun. It never even crossed our minds that we were exerting some effort into it.

This is one of the problems as we get older, our perception changes. Instead of riding a bike being fun, it is now a task. It is now something we “need” to do. Of course there is work and life that gets in the way, which are actually just more excuses.

For some reason most of us are attracted to the things that are bad for us. Junk food is at the top of the list, along with alcohol, smoking and a list of other things. There are emotional connections to most of these, especially food.

Here is a link to a great article on breaking the cycle of food cravings.

Approach To Overcome Not Exercising And Eating Right

Learn below on an approach to overcoming a lack of exercise and eating right. 


Mental Preparation:

Now I find that while there are connections to all these bad things, all it takes is true will power to stop the cycle. Is it hard to do? Of course it is, but it can be done with anything. The main principle is you have to be mentally ready for the challenge. Look in the mirror and say “What’s your excuse”?

I am a former smoker. On my 40th birthday I decided to give up cigarettes once and for all. That’s weird because I’m only 25 now, haha. Any how on many occasions before that I tried to give up smoking. I would stop, maybe for a month or two, but would always resort back. What was the difference?

The difference was I really did not want to give it up all the times before. I tried to tell myself I did, or I tried to appease my mother, but I never deep down wanted to. You see to me I always felt like I was loosing something, and because of that thinking I always thought about it and missed it, eventually going back.

Now when I was turning 40, I started preparing to quit about 2 months before my birthday. I was not telling myself I want to quit, no I was quitting period. In the words of Tony Robbins, “It became a must not a should” . And just like that I put them down and never looked back, and it was easier than I ever thought it could be.

Forming A Habit:

It is said that it takes just 21 days to form a habit. Now I do find some truth to that, but I also believe that every individual is different, along with what exactly the habit is being formed.

For instance if you are choosing to drink a large glass a water every morning, this may be an easier habit to form than wanting to exercise every day, or change up your whole diet. However once you get into a rhythm, it becomes easier and easier.

This is the formula with many things. The more you do something the easier it becomes, and after a period of time you wonder how you did it any other way. So if we stop and think not what we are loosing if we don’t do something, but what we will gain instead it will help in the process.

Example, you go to grab that piece of cake, but instead of thinking of how good it will be, think of how you will not get to that weight you want if you eat it. The taste will last about maybe a few minutes or so for that piece of cake, but the result will last much longer.

Same thing with exercise, try not to think like oh man I have to get on the treadmill. Instead think of what your result will be if you don’t get on that treadmill. Give yourself something to focus on, a goal or long term result. There are many forms of motivation you can use.

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Conclusion: What’s Your Excuse?

An excuse is just a way of saying you don’t want to do something. If we change our shoulds to musts, we can and will Overcome Not Exercising And Eating Right excuses.

When we mentally prepare ourselves for change, we can break the barriers that hold us back.

If you just make the decision to start to eat right and exercise , eventually it will become a habit and feel like second nature.

Remember, without a good diet and proper exercise, our chances at a long healthy life decrease. If not for yourself, think about your family.

So in the end I ask, What’s your excuse?

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