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Dr. Dre Net Worth, Annual Salary And Biography

Dr. Dre Net Worth, Biography And Annual Salary

Today we are going to tell you something very special which you were expecting from us from a long time as you will surely love him and also many of our friends got some inspiration from them. Yes you are right today we are going to tell you dr. dre net worth and annual salary which you can find very interesting.


Dr. Dre Net Worth, Annual Salary And Biography

Dr. Dre Biography

Dr. Dre was born on 18th February 1965 in the city of Los Angeles of California of United State of America country. His full name is Andre Romelle Young. He was married with Nicole Young in 1996 and having five children. Dr. Dre loves his wife and children a lot.


As per the year 2015, Dr. Dre net worth is $800 million which give him a stand in the richest person of the Hollywood and film industry. Mostly he is an American rapper who generally known by this work. With the rapping they also check his destiny in producing and wealth entrepreneur too. As per my view he is also included in the race of becoming a billionaire and we are hoping too that he will become billionaire soon. He is handling two most earning companies as the CEO which is “Aftermath Entertainment” and “Beats Electronics” which don’t need any introduction as they are holding the spot of 1st richest Hip Hop American which is also verified by Forbes List of the year 2014.


Dr. Dre net worth is increasing day by day as he has also sold out his Beats Electronic to the most popular company Apple Incorporation with the value of $3 Billion. It is known as one of the big deals of the industry when it comes with the Hollywood star’s company. Beats Electronics was the high end headphone company which was also doing so much big work in the headphone industry. It was most expensive deal between of the Apple.

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Dr. Dre Net Worth

As we above said that Dr. Dre net worth was of $800 million as per the year 2015 so he is also comes in one of the richest person in the Hollywood celebrities are earning also very good. Dr. Dre was nominated as the third richest person of the year 2014 which was also the huge achievement in his life and also nominated with 620$ million holder. When we search about the Dr. Dre Net Worth in the previous then we surely get some facts about it you can also take a look.


Year For Net Worth  Estimate of Net Worth
2011 550 Million
2012 630 Million
2013 720 Million
2014 770 Million
2015 800 Million


In Dr. Dre net worth and Assets, you will see big 3.2 million dollar woodland hills home, approx. 13 Million dollar Hollywood hills home, Carlyle Group and many more stocks in beats electronics with some stake too.

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Dr. Dre Annual Salary

This is also one of the good things about him as he is earning yearly so many amounts which generally people don’t have total worth too. As per latest survey and assumption, we can say that nearly about 960 Million dollar approx. which is generated from various sources he is perfect in rapping, producing and record executive as well. He was ranking 44th highest richest paid person in the year 2012 and made one of the new milestones too in his life. When we see Dr. Dre annual salary then you will also find lots of big earning annually.


When we observe him as a person then we can understood that he was not just earning money and increasing his net worth only in this world but we can see that they is a good personality too which is a very big thing and more than thousand million dollars. He is very kind in nature having very love and attention of his life. When we see records on his name then we can there are lots of record which are recorded on his name. If you are fan of him then I can say that he is worth of it which also make him more loving in his fan following.


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