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Master The Art of Persuasion - Learn how to convince

How to master the art of persuasion? If you want to be persuasive, you have to understand the core principles on how to be persuasive, a little bit about people’s psychology, and what persuasion actually is. Persuasion is one of many skillsets that will help you to enhance your life for the better.

Master The Art of Persuasion

You don’t have to be a leader of thousands of people, a CEO, or business owner to be able to use persuasion to benefit your life. You can be a potential employee trying to get hired for a great company, you can be a student getting interviewed for medical school, or you can be a guy at the bar trying to get that hot girl.

Persuasion is one of the greatest skillsets anyone can ever master. Persuasion will take you very far in life and can make you happier. In this article, I am going to share with you some things about persuasion that will help you master the skill. Read, and the re-read this article in order to understand what persuasion is, and what works in being persuasive.

What is persuasion?

Persuasion is a form of coercion or encouragement to get people to do things because they want to do them, not because they have been forced, bribed, or tricked into doing them. So, in order to truly understand the art of persuading people, you need to understand what encourages and motivates people to do things because they truly want to do them.

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What is the fundamental thing that will persuade people?

People are naturally selfish and look out for their own self-interest. It is encoded in their DNA to help themselves survive and thrive to be better able to pass on their own DNA. This is not a bad thing because we can use people’s need to protect their own self-interests to our advantage.

When it comes to persuasion and trying to convince someone to do something for you, hire you, take an interest in your ideas, or just plain notice you, it does not come down to how interesting you can be, it comes down to how much you can help their self-interests. Though it may help, people are not looking to hire or invest in people with the best personality, but the people who can provide the most value to them.

So, the most fundamental thing that persuades people, is the value that you can provide for them. People have to be interested in some way in order to be persuaded, and if you can learn what someone is interested in and provide value to them in some way, whether it be to their ego, wealth, or self-esteem, you are guaranteed to get them to notice you.

Who should you focus on persuading?

Some people can be persuaded more easily than others, allowing you to save energy and time. The first thing in persuading people is to identify the people that can be easily persuaded. Read also: These 10 Things Will Make You Highly Persuasive

How can you identify the people who can be easily persuaded?

The people who can be easily persuaded are the people who are not content or complacent with their current life or situation. Look for people or information about people where you can potentially fill a void or help their self-interests.

Can everyone be persuaded?

Everyone can be persuaded, though some may take longer than others to be persuaded even if they are interested in what you are talking about. Everyone is different and some people are just naturally skeptical in what you have to offer. Some may also be more complacent with their life and not be able to be persuaded in the short term.

You may be able to persuade some people in the short term and in one conversation where you have provided them with enough information that has allowed them to determine you can provide value to them. Some may still be skeptical, but can be persuaded in the long term.

How can you persuade people in the long term?

Some people are not as easily persuaded as other, but things like persistence really pays off. When you can consistently provide value and ask for what you want in the same instance, you will be highly persuasive and eventually get what you want.

You have to make sure that you also provide some incentive and sense of urgency to your proposals or people may start to take advantage of the value that you may be offering them, never giving you want you want. Consistently show that you can be of or provide value, but show the person you are trying to persuade that you can possibly provide more value if they give you want you want. You also how to create some type of scarcity and urgency by subliminally showing that this value won’t be around for long.

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Confidence is also a big factor in persuasion, especially in the long term. There is no quality quite as persuasive as certainty. If you truly believe in what you do and the value that you can provide for someone else, you can persuade them to act on your offer, as they feel that they truly may miss out on something great.

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