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Montel Williams Net Worth, Shows And Annual Salary

Montel Williams Profile of Montel Williams

Montel Williams was born in 3rd July, 1956 is 49 years old. His birthplace is Maryland in Baltimore, U.S. He was a focused student in his high school and he became his class president. He was interested in sports and music and he was stated as the best turnout of his school who used to excel is all subjects and became favorite of his all teachers as well.

He joined marines after graduating from his high school and was called as the first American and African marine who was attended in Naval Academy Prep School. There also he showed his power of concentration and impressed everyone with his intelligence. His graduation was completed in year 1980. He was graduation from engineering as a bachelor of ‘science’.

Montel Williams Net Worth, Shows And Annual Salary

Because of his success in Naval Academy Prep School he got selected in U.S Naval Academy. He learned languages like Russian and Mandarin Chinese. He then later thought about focusing on being a spokesperson which became primary and essential source of Montel Williams net worth. His hosting in radio was quite impressive and he hosted a show called ‘The Montel Williams Show’.

He was presented with Emmy Award in year 1996 for being the fabulous host of talk show. The show became very popular from 1996-1997. He was again nominated for Emmy Awards in year 2002. Montel Williams net worth and shows made him a really famous personality.

Career of Montel Williams

His own famous T.V show led him touching the sky as it became very popular and made Williams popular too. The name of that Show was ‘The Montel William’s show’. His T.V Screens made him liable and appreciable. This is the main source of the great Montel Williams net worth. His radio hosting is creatively impressive and his acting is impressively amazing which created his net worth to reach till 10 million dollars.

His career as a spokesperson was also admirable as he did very hard work to achieve that high status in Hollywood Film Industry through adopting many different things. He worked for Prescription Assistance as well. He also worked with MS Foundation along with owning the place of owner here. The gracious producer named Freddie Fields caught his talent and energetic behavior and he became a host of his own show in year 1991. He completed about 17 seasons of his show as it was very heart touching and mind blowing.

Montel Williams net worth and shows

This American personality has a net worth of about 2.8 Million dollars which is really a fantabulous amount. His hosting in a radio show made his net worth of $10 Million. He is simply known for his ‘The Montel Williams Show’. He is now a spokesperson of PPA that is Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Montel Williams net worth and shows will make you amazed. He is attached with MS Foundation and later the racial barriers were broken by him as when he was in school he became his class president in year 1974.

His drive to honesty, dedication, focus, concentration and intelligence made him a unique person in Hollywood. This motivational person was always an idol for his viewers, fans and audiences. He was also seen in many T.V shows namely Touched by an angel, All my children, JAG etc. he also directed a film called ‘Little Pieces’. Montel Williams net worth and shows were fantabulously seen and appreciated by viewers and he became the Hollywood industry’s most active, energetic and richest person.

Montel Williams net worth and shows details are given here. His show ‘The Montel Williams Show’ also contained an appearance of Sylvia Browne from 119 to 2008 who was declared as the psycho. She was considered to be the most appearing guest on this famous show in its history. She was also known as the longest running guest in the show. Her appearances were very controversial especially related to kidnapping of victims namely Amanda Berry and Shawn Hornbeck. Hal Bidlack asked him once that ‘commander did you lost your honor?’ because he continuously invited psychic Sylvia in his show. His show was also called as the ‘Truly Terrible Television’ by Independent Investigation Group.

Montel Williams Personal information

  • Montel Williams full name: Montel Brian Anthony Williams
  • Montel Williams Birth date: 3rd July, 1956
  • Montel Williams Birth place: Maryland, Baltimore, United States of America
  • Montel Williams Age: 49
  • Montel Williams Height: 6’1 feet
  • Montel Williams Hair color: bald
  • Montel Williams Eye color: black
  • Montel Williams Skin color: brown
  • Montel Williams Zodiac sign: cancer
  • Montel Williams Nationality: American
  • Montel Williams Occupation/Profession: Host of Talk Show.
  • Montel Williams Educational qualifications: United States Naval Academy.

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Montel Williams Family’s information

He is a lucky father of four children. He was married three times. He has two children namely Maressa Williams and Ashley Williams from mother Rochele See (married in 1988) and was divorced. His second wife was Grace Morley (married in 1992) and from her he has two more children namely Montel Brain Hank Williams and Wyntergrace Williams. He is now married to Tara Fowler (married in 2007). Montel’s father was a first black fire chief.


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