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10 Small And Simple Things For A Happy Marriage

Starting a new relationship or getting married isn’t hard, but being committed to it requires intention. A happily married couple love each other very much and are very committed to finding the best within themselves. They listen and support each other in every situation that the world throws at them whether it’s good or bad. A happy marriage is all about gratitude and appreciation of their good habits, instead of complaining about the negative aspects. Focusing on the good daily habits creates a favorable climate that brings the positive energy in your marriage.

10 Small And Simple Things For A Happy Marriage

Below, we have shared ten small and simple habits that you can incorporate in your daily lives for a happy marriage.

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1. Greet Your Partner With A Warm Smile Every Morning

Everyone will not admit it, but most of us are not morning people. We have to get up early, have our breakfast and get ready for work. This takes a lot of energy. Just because you may not be a morining person, that’s no excuse of not greeting your partner in the morning with a lovely warm smile and nice statement.

These words can be from, “Honey, I am very lucky to be married to you,” or “I am very glad you are at my side every night,” you get it. The key thing here is to be positive and convey love to your partner. You can even simply smile and ask your partner directly how you can make their day better. This will make your day better as well as your spouses, and in the long term you will see a helthier marriage.

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2. Send Love Text Messages

In the age of modern technology and smartphones, staying connected at all time is no longer a luxury. So, send your spouse sweet love text like, “Honey, I miss you,” or a playful, flirtatious text like, “I can hardly wait for you tonight,” throughout the day.

3. Reach Out and Touch Your Partner

It’s amazing how couples become come close to each other if they touch and feel each other. And the best time to do it when you guys are having lunch or dinner or just laying in the bed watching TV. Its been reported that one of the resons infidelity occurs is because the cheating partner wanted to reach to their partners, but were neglected. Touch and feel your partner’s hair, hands or legs and see the magic unfold. Remind your husband that you are there for him and you will always be his girl.

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4. More Kisses, Less Complaints

When you find your wife or husband doing something annoying or downright irritating, then don’t complain or argue about it. Rather, teach your partner a lesson by planting a long juicy kiss! This is more effective if you do that in front of your kids. I promise your partner will remember it.

5. Decorate Your Bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a garden of love. Make it a beautiful and lovely place where you and husband can find solace, peace and order. Make it organized, clean, warm and inviting. Make it into the most special place in your house, where your husband always wants you there with him.

6. Focus On The Issues You Care About

Choose to focus on things you of care about. Don’t react to every negative habits or scenarios like trace phone numbers on his phone, in case women unknown to you call him. Instead, use your free coupons or gift cards to buy stuff that matters to you. For, example, be happy that your husband kisses your good night every day or talks to you instead of that he forgets to take out the trash in the morning.

7. Appreciate Your Partner Every Day

Most marriages lose their luster and suffer because partners don’t compliment each other on how they feel or look. The relationship becomes a routine and lack commitment and love. To before going to that destructive path, thank your partner for everything they do, it doesn’t matter if your wife made you a great cup of coffee or your husband cleaned the bedroom or took the children to the park. Not this small gestures make them feel appreciated; they try to those things even more and better. Besides, when you both go on dates or just hanging out, don’t forget to compliment each other appearances.

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8. Say “I Love You” Everyday

It’s a very simple three letter word. So, what’s stopping from saying it to you to your hubby or wife every day? Who doesn’t want to be reminded that they are loved? You said it to your special guy or girl countless times before you got hitched, so why can’t you do it now? Just saying it one or two times a day will do wonders. So, start doing it now.

9. Express Your Feelings While Being Vulnerable

When couples express their feelings to each other, sometimes it appears like an attack instead of request. For instance, if you annoyed that your spouse was watching sports, you might say, “you are always watching sports, you don’t love me anymore.” Well, that is a huge turn-off. Instead, Try saying,”I want to spend more time with you,” or “I want to be to with you now.” The thing is to express what you want in a state of vulnerability.

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10. Feel Your Partner Breath

This might look weird, but nonetheless, it’s very effective to show affection to your partner. Putting your hand on each other chest or tummy, feeling your partner breath, and looking at each other’s eyes is a powerful way to be intimate with each other. You won’t want to do it when you had a bad day or just not in the mood but try it anyways.

So, there you have it. You may not like them all, but I sincerely believe they will make a difference in your marriage and make it even happier.


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