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4 Reasons Conflict With Your Lover Can Be Good

We all have conflict with our lovers sometimes, and many get the idea that conflict is all bad. Because of this, some individuals who have an issue with the person they are in the relationship with, don’t speak up about what’s troubling them. Sometimes, bottling up what’s troubling you can make you eventually explode, damaging your relationship more than if you were to address the problem.

4  Reasons Conflict With Your Lover Can Be Good
Reasons Conflict With Your Lover Can Be Good

Releasing and talking about what is bothering you is never a bad idea. It’s all about how you approach the situation and having some sort of conflict with your lover does not necessarily mean that you two are bad for each other, it can actually strengthen your relationship.

Communication is key to a lasting relationship, and sometimes, you are going to bump heads and stir the pot. This article is going to give 4 reasons why you should never be afraid to talk about an issue that you may be having in a relationship, even if it leads to conflict. Read more: How To Cope With Unrequited Love

Reasons Conflict With Your Lover Can Be Good

Here are some reasons why conflict with your lover can be good

1. You Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

When you hold something in that is troubling you, you are doing more bad than good. When you feel like you partner may be doing something that you don’t like, address the issue because if you don’t, you build resentment and animosity starts to build up inside of you.

Every time your partner does that thing that you don’t like, you get clouded with feelings of resentment and anger. This will build each time, increasing the weight on your shoulders, until you eventually burst out in anger. Address the issue with you partner, not in anger, but in understanding. Never approach them when you’re angry and when your judgement is cloudy.

Approach them when you are calm and politely talk about what you don’t like or have an issue with. They probably don’t know that this issue is bothering you and you will cause them to anger if you speak to them angrily. Talk about your issues and get rid of the building weight on your shoulders. Your relationship will be stronger because of it.

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2. You Learn How To Communicate With Each Other

Everyone is different in terms of how they communicate and try to get their point across. A lot of people don’t know how to communicate. Some people tense up in the moment of conflict, some people get angry, some people get really quite, and some people really know how to address an issue with their lover in an effective manner.

Learning how your partner communicates is a great way to learn more about your partner and how to address issues that may arise in the future without stirring up animosity and tension. In this way, you may even learn how to resolve conflicts quicker and more effectively.

This may not be the case for all couples, especially those that are not compatible, but couples who rarely argue, conflict can sometimes strengthen your relationship. Learning how your partner reacts to your actions will allow you to approach situations better. You must remember that communication is key to a strong, healthy relationship. Conflict can strengthen communication.

3. You Build A Stronger Relationship

After you overcome and resolve an issue with your partner, that is one less issue that can hinder your relationship. In this, you build a stronger relationship because you now have the confidence that your relationship can withstand challenges. This confidence will give you two a stronger bond. Also, if an issue is resolved with one or both people having to compromise something, and you two are willing to, you begin to see the level of commitment the other person has for the relationship. This will make you love them even more, therefore strengthening your bond.

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4. The Make-Up Part

Conflict can be good for a relationship because it can help spice things up a bit and is good for the people who may be getting too comfortable. When you have an issue or argument, things may naturally get a little heated and you may naturally begin to see just how much you love or like that person. When you really like a person, you usually want the conflict to go away, but not at the expense of your self-respect. The moment you both give in and resolve the conflict is the moment you feel relief and become re-assured that everything will be alright. In this instance, you feel a strong sexual or emotional desire towards the other person. Once you give in to this, emotional and/or physical pleasure is sure to come.

Although conflict can be good, that doesn’t mean that it always better a relationship. Here are some times when conflict is not good:

  • When its all the time: When you and your lover have conflict all the time, this may be a sign that you two are just not compatible or one person is not willing to compromise for the other. When there are more arguments in an relationship than good times, this is bad and some serious consideration about the relationship may have to happen.
  • When the conflict can’t be resolved: Sometimes a person may have a conflict with a certain personality trait, or just something that the other person is not willing to compromise for. When you are dealing with someone’s personality, this can lead to a road of unhappiness. In a relationship you can’t change who they are or what they are willing to compromise. This can be an issue that will never get resolved. Any unresolved issues that were once brought to light could destroy potentially your relationship.

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Take Away

People think that conflict can be bad for a relationship, but a little conflict can take your relationship a long way. It can actually strengthen your relationship and the love that you have for one another. So, the next time you and your lover have a conflict, don’t take it as a sign of the end all the time. Just try your best to learn from it and resolve it.


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