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5 Ways to Appear and Be More Confident

Confidence is a trait that many people lack, but is the crucial ingredient to being successful in many areas of life from getting a job, to getting that beautiful woman’s phone number in the library. It is undeniable that we are all attracted to and feel tempted to follow the people that are confident in themselves and their decisions.

5 Ways to Appear and Be More Confident

There are just some people who are known to ooze with confidence and appear to never second guess themselves. They have qualities that attract girls, or even a crowd of people. Well, just like every area of life, there are certain techniques and actions that these seemingly confident people do that make them successfully appear and act confident.

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They may do these things naturally or intentionally. These are things that anyone can apply to their life and become and appear more confident. In this article, we are going to share 5 things anyone can do to appear more confident and when you appear to be confident, you naturally become confident.

Focus On The Eyes And Stay Alert

People who are not confident in themselves tend to look around a lot or put their heads down when talking to other people. In order to appear more confident, learn to focus on the other person’s eyes when they are talking, and when you are talking. But, don’t stare at them for the entire interaction as it would make you appear intimidating, creepy, and make the conversation uncomfortable for the other person.

Look away when pauses between conversations occur, but when either of you are talking, fully engage in the other person giving them your undivided attention making solid eye contact, then nod in assent and raise your eyebrows while you listen. You will look alert, interested, and confident.

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Take Note Of Your Arms

 Your arms positioning can play a role in how confident you act and appear. People who tend to be very timid, shy, and unconfident keep closed in, either folding their arms or keeping them close to their body. When you are confident, you have open body language stating that you want to be known. Stop folding your arms and move them around as you make hand gestures while talking to people. Or if you are sitting, keep arms on the sides of the chair with your chest out, or put your arms out on the table with hands interlocked. This open arm gesture will help you to appear and act more confident.

Stand tall and proud. Have a nice posture.

 Take note of your shoulders, back, and the positioning of your head. Is your back hunched over or is it straight up in the air with shoulders out? Is your head down when you walk or is it straight up in the air? In order to appear more confident, you always want to have a great posture, keeping your back straight up in the air, shoulders out, and head in the air. People who are not confident tend to walk hunched over with their head down because they are afraid to be noticed. Work on body language by always having open arms and upright posture. This makes you act and feel more confident about yourself.

Your voice.

 Focus on the clarity, tone, and loudness of your voice. Project your voice so that people can hear you and articulate your thoughts clearly. In order to appear more confident, you have to know what you want to say and say it with some authority.

No one will respect you, or think you are confident about yourself if your voice is so low that they cannot hear you and you cannot articulate your thoughts well.

People who are not confident in themselves tend to be passive in the way they talk by lowering their voice and stumbling over their words. Don’t be timid when it’s your turn to speak, be enthusiastic and loud. This will make you appear more confident.

Smile more.

 Smile at people when you walk past them and remember to keep your head up when you do it. People who are confident tend to be able to acknowledge others with ease because they like their presence to be known. Smiling more at strangers, or smiling more in general will not only make you appear more confident, but attractive as well.

People who are not confident in themselves hate to be acknowledged about anything because they reek with insecurity and low self-esteem, so they never acknowledge anyone else. Smile more a people and you will appear more confident to them and in time you will naturally become more confident.

Take Away:

There a certain things you can do to appear more confident and in this, people will tend to like you more and be more attracted to you. If you follow the techniques outlined above, you will not only appear more confident, but become more confident because you will see how people will tend to become more receptive to you. Body language is called that just that, because it really does speak to people in nonverbal ways. When you learn the correct body language, smile more, and speak with assertiveness, you learn to appear more confident and this will ultimately lead you to be more confident.

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