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6 Disastrous Resume Mistakes that Drive Recruiters Crazy

The first aspect that is being reviewed by recruiters is obviously your resume. Before the interview invitations, they must make sure that you’re the right fit. Your resume shows your experience, your expertise in a specific field, and also your most important information.

6 Disastrous Resume Mistakes that Drive Recruiters Crazy

If you pass the resume approving process, you’re going to the next step: the interview. Many employees can’t even pass the first obstacle, and that’s because of their poorly crafted CVs. Do you know what makes a CV bad? Mistakes. Lots of job seekers are neglecting their most important “professional review” piece.

Therefore, their professional development will have to suffer because of their lack of professional opportunities. No employer will ever hire someone whose CV can’t prove that the applicant could turn out to be a good investment.

So how do you stay away from problems? How do you make sure that you CV isn’t turning off your future recruiters? Well, the solution is simple: make sure that your resume looks impeccable. No mistakes allowed; if you can do that, you’ll skyrocket your chances of landing a good job.

During today’s article, we’ll take a look at few of the most important resume mistakes that could drive recruiters crazy. I’d suggest reading the tips, and then immediately start remediating the mistakes that are currently present in your resume. If you forget about it, you’re just wasting time while reading this article.

1. Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

A successful resume will never show any signs of negligence. That means no grammar and spelling mistakes. Alan Johnson, a recruiter at CareersBooster suggests that “the interviewers will even feel offended the moment they’ll find the sloppy mistakes. Assuming that you’re applying for a serious job position, you must be professional with every aspect, and that includes the smallest details.”

We’re humans; we do mistakes from time to time. BUT. There’s a huge but. We can’t expect to get hired if we can’t manage to make our resumes impeccable. Let’s face it; it’s nothing hard to proofread it for a couple of times before sending. Avoiding doing so will only show how unprofessional you are.

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2. Too Short or Too Long

Some people have really short CVs, which is kind of a problem for the interviewer. The recruiter always looks for certain aspects and details regarding the job seeker’s professional career. In case you didn’t add everything that needs to be there, I’d urge you to complete your resume with all the necessary information and details.

On the opposite side, you can’t fill your resume with useless information. Clear and concise information is the factor that makes a resume look professional. Don’t live with the impression that you’ll impress more if you add more. Keep it to a medium length and only add relevant information.

3. Unconventional Formatting and Fonts Usage

Do you think that your recruiters have time to go through your sloppy formatting? You think they’ll enjoy being bombarded with different fancy fonts and colors? I guess that my previous intonation has already given you the necessary answers. In case you’re not yet convinced, the answer is NO, they hate reviewing resumes that are unconventionally formatted and resumes that contain more than one font.

Do not do this mistake. Keep a clean structure, do your homework and see what formatting works best for your type of resume, and make sure that everything looks clean and organized.

4. Half-truths and Lies

Even if they can’t always check, you should definitely avoid including wrong information, half-truths, and lies about your past. As mentioned earlier, your interviewers may not have the time and the intention to check out your references and statements.

BUT. If for example, you’re stating that you’ve worked as an IT engineer for about two years, well, that should make you skilled in that field. Even if you’re applying for a web designing position, there could be a time when your boss will ask you to contribute to some IT problems. He’ll expect you to come up with solutions because your resume says that you’re good in the field.

5. Not Sending Personalized Resumes for Different Jobs

Most individuals are not aware of this “hidden rule” of the job seeking process. Every time you apply for an available position, you must do your homework and properly research that company. You need to know their culture, you must talk to few employees, maybe even stalk their social media profiles; and all just so you can get a clear picture of what it would mean to work there.

Every job is different, and each company is different too. When you send your resume to a recruiter, make sure that you personalize it first. Exclude the information that is not relevant, and add new information that you believe that could be fit for your recruiter. Having a personalized CV will always grant you more chances and opportunities to land your dream job.

6. Forgetting to Update the Contact Information

Even though this is basic, many job seekers forget to update their contact information; therefore, it is extremely uncomfortable for the employer to search for your present contact information. More than often, he’ll bail your resume because of the lack of correct information.

These details matter; not only because it’s the only way someone can contact you, but because you have to prove that you’re careful with what you do. Sloppiness is not really tolerated among business professionals, so make sure that you don’t give that impression.

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To properly conclude, I’d say that showing mistakes during your CV can seriously damage your chances of getting hired. Not everyone is patient with people that can’t show some commitment when it comes to such important things. Take your resume, look for all of the mistakes mentioned in this article, and try to fix them all immediately.


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