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6 Key Steps To Building An Online Business

Building an online business is not as hard as it may sound. It can actually be quite simple, and with services like word press to help get your website up and running, this makes it even easier to get started. The real struggle behind an online business, or any business in that matter, is getting people to actually buy the services and products you are trying to sell.

6 Key Steps To Building An Online Business

To go about making money from a business, you have to have people actually buying what you have to offer and there’s a formula for that. The formula is having a relevant service or product that creates value in people’s lives and great marketing techniques. Those two things are all you need to be successful.

So, why isn’t there more successful businesses?

It will take a lot of work to find and create a product or service that people will find valuable and want to buy. It also has to be something that isn’t already saturated in the market. Then, you have to find time and put the most effort into marketing your business through blogging, social media, and buying ads. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication, something majority of the people don’t want to consider.

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Also, the business world is becoming very competitive, especially when you have a million businesses trying to sell the same thing. A question one may ask is; what does a person consider when choosing what business to go to when buying services or products? Well, they choose the business that they know more about and trust. Businesses gain brand awareness and trust through great marketing techniques, and by providing great service or a valuable product. To truly be successful in the business world you have to learn the art of marketing, which takes money and time, but that’s the cost of building a successful business.

Here, this article will give a little insight on some marketing techniques, with the internet being the best way to market, and how to turn your passion or knowledge into a profitable business. You can run a business from just having knowledge on a subject, and offering that knowledge to someone else who wants to learn it and you don’t have to be an expert on the subject. A very successful online entrepreneur Pat Flynn once said that you don’t have to be an expert to build a lucrative business, you just have to know more than the person trying to learn.

There are millions of ways to start a business and become successful at it, you just have to actually start one and learn from your mistakes, as well as others. One of the best ways to learn, is through others mistakes, and there are many people willing to teach you. I once sat thinking for months, trying to figure out what I could do to build a business and I stumbled across multiple people who built businesses entirely on what they already knew or learned. One online business that I came across was Location Rebel, which is an entirely location independent built business.

This business can be ran from anywhere in the world. The business consists of other’s people knowledge on how to build a location independent business, in which I even started a business from for myself. It tells people how to build a freelance SEO (search engine optimization) writing business, or how to write any type of content for money.

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It has a community forum that allows beginners to chat with others who are trying to start businesses and people who have already done it, so you don’t have to go at it alone. They market their business by sharing people’s success stories and reviews, which is a great marketing technique that you should learn. Location Rebel generates revenue by offering a membership that includes courses and forums.

Through learning about other online successful business’s, you can generate ideas on how you can go about starting your own, and learn about someone who had become successful online. It is possible to create a business online, but you have to first ask yourself; What do I have to offer? The answer to this question can be challenging or easy, but once you find it, you can make money from it.

Begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • What am I passionate about and enjoy doing? 
  • What do I excel in?
  • Can I teach it to someone else easily and effectively?
  • Do people want to learn what I want to teach? ( The best way to figure this out is to do some research on the market you may be considering to enter.)

Build the Online Business

Here is a step by step guide that can help you get your business started today.

Step 1 about Build the Online Business

Come up with an idea for a product that you would love to sell or tell people about, such as Letterman jackets or cars. You should love to tell people about it because this is the type of product you would be excited about. You would always explain what the product is with enthusiasm, passion, and confidence. 

When you come across as passionate, enthusiastic, and confident about something, it is easier for you to sell it to people because they start to feel as though as they are missing out on something. If you don’t have a product in mind, jot down some ideas on what you know or love to do. Are you knowledgeable on a subject and believe you can share that knowledge in order to create value in people’s lives, such as playing an instrument or martial arts? Create a step by step course to help people and make money from it.

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Step 2 about Build the Online Business 

Once you have something in mind, create your OWN website that you can market. Create your own website because it makes you look more creditable, professional, and you can add your won personal flavor to it. You don’t want a website that have a or web address. Make sure your website has a blog, so you can write about the subject you are knowledgeable in, whether it be playing an instrument or self-discipline. Blogging is used to rank your website higher in search engines and market your website more effectively. If you just have a product and you can’t blog about it, don’t. You will have to market your website without a blog.

Step 3 about Build the Online Business

Create relevant content for you website and have the home page set up as a blog, or have a blog tab. When you begin to market your website or product, actively blogging will help attract people to you and your website. You will want to also have social media tabs attached to your website, this can allow people to share your blog posts, products, and website. When people share your blog posts, website, or products they begin to market to their family, friends, and acquaintances for you. If you do not have a blog on your website and it is just set up as an eCommerce site, don’t worry about blogging unless you find a unique way to relate a blog to your products.

Also, if you can, try to put relevant videos on your website. I say this because Facebook and YouTube are two of the biggest visited sites in the world. These two sites use videos to spread information and relevant content. Videos are a faster way to get what you want across and entertain.

Step 4 about Build the Online Business 

Share other people’s positive reviews and success stories. It’s important to have a quality product and service so that people write good reviews about your product or services. As your brand or services grow, don’t be afraid to spread your success. The word will spread fast, especially on the internet. This will be a very important step for eCommerce sites.

Step 5 about Build the Online Business

Look into SEO marketing for your website and the best website optimization practices. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it allows your website to become ranked higher on search engines such as, google, bing, and yahoo. If you do not want to read and learn SEO, which is a lot of learning, then you can hire services that can help you optimize your website into whatever niche you want to be ranked higher in.

Step 6 about Build the Online Business

Stay committed. Staying committed to marketing your online business and website is essential to building your business and being successful. You cannot decide to do actively market your business one week and put it off another. Consistency and determination is key. If you have a blog tied into your website, BLOG DAILY. Market daily and stay active on the social media networks. It will be essential to your success.

Take Away 

Building an online business is the easy part. The hard part is building a business that thrives. Here are the 6 steps to help you build a thriving business online.

  • Build your business around your passion
  • Create a very personalized website that fits you and your business’s persona
  • Create a marketing plan, and try to make blogging and social media a part of it
  • Share positive reviews and other people’s success stories when they used your product or service. It’s a great marketing technique when there positive reviews are shared
  • Use SEO and website optimization wisely
  • Stay committed



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