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7 Companies With Fantastic Perks You’ll Wish You Had

Imagine you’re offered two different jobs from different companies and your torn between signing a contract from two of the most outstanding companies in the country, or worldwide. They both offer you an attractive compensation and astounding work environment, which one would you choose?

7 Companies With Fantastic Perks You’ll Wish You Had

One of the factors job hunters consider when it boils down to the final interview and signing the contract is the company’s employee benefits and perks. Though most employer’s idea of benefits is only limited to health insurance, maternity leave, sick leave, and vacation leave, other employers are able to offer way beyond that (particularly companies in the technology industry).

To help you with your dilemma, add this factor when you compare and decide on which company to hop on. There are some really cool employee perks being offered out there. In this article, I will provide some insight to some amazing employee perks provided by 7 exceptional companies.

1. Google

There’s really no need to question Google’s ranking because they don’t need any introduction whatsoever. Many of us already know about Google and there’s a reason why Google is still the No.1 Top Company to Work For in Fortune magazine’s list. Google has been ranked No.1 for the sixth time.

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So what do Googlers get as part of the team? They get a heated swimming pool, volleyball courts, bikes, dry cleaning, on-site oil changes, car wash services, massage therapy, a gym, hair salon, fitness classes, free food, and of course, the Googolplex’s famous indoor slide. Moreover, they just truck in snow whenever they want to imprint a snow angel. No big deal.

2. Visa, Inc.

On the other hand, Visa employees receive an equally satisfying benefits as well, such as discounted tickets in local recreation and entertainment venues like cinemas, amusement parks, and sports arenas. They can also participate free in group exercise classes.

The best part is for those environmental stewards out there where Visa offers commuter benefits to their employees who goes to work by taking the public transportation, bike, or by carpool.

3. Airbnb

Haven’t heard of Airbnb yet? Well, if you’re a frequent traveler chances are Airbnb is without a doubt one of your most visited websites/apps. Try to imagine what it’s like working at their company and how amazing the benefits will be. You guessed it right, Airbnb employees are encouraged to travel out of the city every year to travel anywhere they want to. And yes, they have a $2,000 allowance for that.

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Aside from the travel perks, they are a pet-friendly company. No more separation anxiety whenever you go to work and leave your precious pooch behind. Also, they have free yoga classes, a ping pong table, and organic lunches served daily. If Airbnb being a pet-friendly workplace didn’t get your attention, it’s a wonder what will.

4. Yahoo

Google’s competitor, Yahoo, provides discounts to ski resorts and California amusement parks for their employees. Just like what the other previously mentioned company’s offered benefits, Yahoo also has an on-site fitness center, yoga, Pilates, golf classes, and cardio-kickboxing. Employees also get free monthly food coupons, and a substantial supply of snacks and drinks on every floor is also delivered.

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5. Facebook

The world’s largest social network provides employees free bikes to roam or travel from one building to another. In lieu with that, they have an on-site bike repair shop (so no one gets left behind when their bike is down).

The Facebook team also get free meals, free computer accessory vending machine (for when you leave your iPad connector at home), they have a classic video arcade, and access to a kitchen. Talk about a workplace that also feels your home.

6. Pinterest

Have you pinned a DIY hairstyle, home decor ideas, home office ideas on Pinterest, and unconsciously pinned more than those because it really is a phenomenal platform to learn and discover new things? A lot of people are guilty of that, no doubt.

Now this is an interesting one. If you’re a social media guru and all in all Apple fanboy/girl, you’ll envy on Pinterest’s employees. You need an iPad or perhaps a Macbook to use for your task? Staffs are provided with regular and frequent trips to the Apple store to use whichever they need to be more productive.

7. Twitter

In their San Francisco headquarters, Twitter staff are offered a well-balanced life — health wise; they indulge in their daily catered breakfast and lunch which they can sweat in the free CrossFit classes in their on-site gym. They also offer yoga and pilates classes as well as massages.

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Well, of course, other than a really head-turning salary rate, employee benefits/perks are also a huge factor upon deciding where you want to dedicate most of your time, skills, efforts and energy. Have you got an amazing employee benefits in your current company? Good for you, then.

In an employer’s point of view, they want to keep their employees and see them grow not just career-wise but personally as well. And not to mention, make their employees happy because honestly, they’re the ones that keep the business going and on track.


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