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7 Signs You’ve Chosen The Right Career Path

Finding a career is tough. You have to make decisions at an early age, well before you even know who you are, and then stick to them. Taking the right exams, getting the right qualifications, and even getting work experience all has to be done before you can make a strong start in your career. Then you’re stuck with it – unless you are committed to make a big change.

7 Signs You’ve Chosen The Right Career Path

If you’ve chosen well, you will be in a good position to enjoy your career as you move up the ladder, but if you haven’t, you will be at a crossroads and will need to decide whether you want to stick to your guns or make a career change. Here are 7 signs that you are exactly where you should be.

 1. Work Makes You Happy

When you get up in the morning and head to work, how do you feel? If the answer is enthused about the day ahead, then you are absolutely in the right profession. Feeling happy at work is a great sign that things are on the right track, and loving your job is really important if you want a career you can truly progress in.

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 2. Your Skills Suit The Job

Do your particular skills and talents match up with the duties you have to carry out in your job? If they do, then you are very lucky – and you are definitely in the right place. When you are able to leverage your skills to the very best of your abilities, you will gain a deeper sense of fulfilment and achievement.

 3. You Don’t Need The Pay

Imagine that your company goes bankrupt tomorrow, and tells you that you can no longer be paid for your work. At the same time, a lucky lottery win means you don’t need the money. Would this change your employment status? If you would do the work without financial reward, that means you truly enjoy it and have found your calling.

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4. You Feel Proud

When people ask you what you do for a living, if you answer with a sense of pride, then you are in a great position. If you feel enthusiastic about explaining it and can’t keep a grin off your face, then what more do you need to know? You obviously love your chosen career.

 5. You Don’t Feel Annoyed About Working Late

When you need to work late on a project, does it fill you with annoyance and anger? If you instead feel like you just want to do what is needed, this shows great commitment to your work. Most people resent staying late, so if you don’t, that’s a good sign.

6. You Can’t Believe You’re Getting Paid

Have you ever felt a sense of amazement that someone is actually paying you to do this job? When we find our dream vocation, it can seem almost ludicrous that people are willing to pay us for it. Surely something so enjoyable can’t be a job? Well, it is, and it’s yours – so hold on to it.

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 7. You Can’t Stop Talking About Work

When you get home from work, you might end up boring your partner half to death because you can’t stop talking about what you’ve done all day. If this is the case, then your career is the right one for you. If you love and have a passion for what you do, then you are in the right place for certain.

If these signs ring true for you, then congratulations – you have chosen the right career path. Focus on moving forwards and upwards in your vocation to really increase your happiness and job satisfaction levels.


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