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8 Repulsive Characteristics That Will Push Your Lover Away

Things such as a lack of confidence, a hint of insecurity, or the feeling of inferiority can bring out certain characteristics in people that will push their lovers, or the person they are dating, away. Of course, we all may have a trace of these characteristics, but some people let these qualities uncontrollably possess them. They give in to the lack of confidence, insecurity, or unhappiness and let their emotions lead their actions.

8 Repulsive Characteristics That Will Push Your Lover Away

When this happens, these people will act in a way that will be a natural repellent to their mate. This article will share with you 8 repulsive characteristics that will push you or your lover away. You need to observe and understand these characteristics as anti-seductive, and avoid the people that possess them, for sticking with them will put you in an unsatisfying relationship. If you portray any of these characteristics, be sure to do your best to delay them from ever emerging, Read more: 4 Reasons Conflict With Your Lover Can Be Good

1. Egotism

When it comes to courting someone who you would like to get into a relationship with, or someone who you are already in a relationship with, one of the biggest romantic gestures you can do is to show patience. Showing patience is a way of showing the other person that you have their best interests at heart.

Women in particular like it when a man is willing to be patient with them, never forcing them to make any physical or emotional commitments until they are fully ready to. In the process of waiting, this also builds anticipation in both the sexes, making them think of the pleasures to come. Impatience on the other hand, is one of the things that pushes people away, and the people who are usually impatient have their egos to blame.

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They also may have a hint of insecurity. People who are impatient never show that they are thinking of the other person because they want things when they want it. If you make these type of people wait, their egos get bruised and they try to force the situation into their hands. Know that patience is very seductive, if done right.

2. Selfishness

This may be one of the biggest characteristics that push lovers away. Selfish people always think of themselves and their needs first. They never think of the other person and how they may be affected by certain actions. They aim to please only themselves. You can tell if a person is selfish just by how they talk. If they are always talking about themselves and ramble on about want they want, never asking you about yourself and your wants, then this may be a sign that you are dealing with a selfish person. Selfishness is one of the most repulsive characteristics because the person who is in a relationship with a selfish person, will find that their wants and needs are never met. They give but never receive.

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3. Too Sensitive

A little sensitivity can take a person a long way with their partner, but too much can push them away. The people who are too sensitive are always looking for things that may be a slight to their vanity. They pay detailed attention to every word you say and every action you take. They complain and whine all the time, never being pleased because they find things that points to your harshness. Even if you tell a little joke at their expense, they will criticize you because people who are too sensitive cannot laugh at themselves, as most people can.

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4. Ungenerosity

Being able to give freely is a characteristic many people adore, while ungenerosity is a characteristic that drives people away. These type of people want to hoard everything and never give away freely. They are cheap and hate to let go off things. If a homeless man or someone in need came up to them for help, they may not help.

These type of people are terrible companions because it’s so hard for them to give freely, so you may never be able to count on them for help without “paying a price.” This is sign that there is something constricted within their character, something that doesn’t allow them to let go and take risks.

5. Slavishness

It’s nice to have someone do nice things for you, but someone who does everything for you, including sacrificing their morals and character is a big turn-off. These are the people that cling to you and your every move, wanting to always make you happy, even if it meant sacrificing their own happiness.

They confess their love for you after two dates and they barely know you. This is sign that they have some type of inner void that needs to be filled. They may have been through abandonment or some type of emotional trauma. These type of people push people away because they give you no room to breathe. They want to be around you all the time and call you every second. When you try to pull away, they feel you with guilt. This is another one of the most repulsive characteristics That Will Push Your Lover Away. 

6. Self-Consciousness

Constantly worrying about the way you look and how people perceive you takes the joy out of all the moments. You can’t live in the moment because you are constantly thinking about what others think. This type of worry is also contagious. When you are always around someone like this, you begin to worry just as much and your confidence level dramatically drop. You could never enjoy this type of person in a relationship because they could never get outside of themselves.

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7. Dominance

There are certain people who are set out to change you and your morals to fit their needs and wants. They want to change your character, so they constantly criticize who you are in order to try and get you to follow their fixed ideas and conform to meet their standards, or supposedly to make you a better person. The criticism that constantly comes with them is hard to ignore and can make the other person very unhappy. This sort of dominance characteristic is very repulsive as the other person wants to control you. This stems from their overall unhappiness and desire to dominate.

8. Inattentiveness

There are some people who do not pay attention to detail, or the little things that their mate may like or want. They never notice any changes about you that you may want them to notice, or they never notice any characteristics about you that may prove helpful in charming you and seduction. You can tell if a person is inattentive from the way they dress and their distaste. Paying attention to the details in the other person can help you in many ways, These traits you should always pay attention to

Take Away

There are many repulsive characteristics that can push your lover away. Here a re-cap of the 8 characteristics that can push someone away.

  • Egotism
  • Selfishness
  • Too Sensitive
  • Ungenerosity
  • Slavishness
  • Self-consciousness
  • Dominance
  • Inattentiveness



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