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How To Keep Employees Motivated and Productive

Motivation is imperative when it comes to making your employees feeling good whilst in the workplace. Everyone has different ways to get themselves motivated whether it’s money, rewards, or just trying to fulfil a long, happy, successful career. Motivation is the source to productivity within the workplace as employees who are motivated at their job are most likely to carry out their job responsibilities to the best of their ability.

How To Keep Employees Motivated and Productive
How To Keep Employees Motivated and Productive

In most cases, employees need an incentive to increase their levels of motivation, which means that they need to be driven by something to feel motivated and as a result, become more productive. This is purely down to the employer to put incentives in place to increase their work production. Incentives for employees can come in many forms such as performance rewards, paid time off, travel, bonuses, and the opportunity to develop within the company. Employers need to make sure their employees are aware of these reward schemes, and constantly show them that they are appreciated in the work that they do. Employee incentives are essential if you want your employees to be more motivated at their job because not only will it be good for your business, but it will also give employees the opportunity to aspire for much greater achievements when it comes down to their career.

In every business, there is always one employee that won’t like the other. But just like every business, this needs to be controlled. When an employee does not work well with another in their department, this can have a huge impact on their motivation and productivity. Employers should try to spot any conflict or tension that may be there, and try to control the situation by calmly solving the matter and making sure that the conflict is resolved as it is crucial to eliminate any negative vibes that may linger around the office. Having a cohesive team of employers will have a great impact on motivation and productivity as what tends to happen is that if one team member seems to be highly motivated and as a result, acquire a tremendous amount of productivity, this will then rub off on other team members as they may see them as an inspiration.

If your employees don’t seem to be productive in their line of work, it’s normally down to their manager not doing their job well enough. It costs nothing to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Mangers need to show recognition to their employees every day, as this will most definitely improve motivation and as a result, productivity. A heartfelt thank you or a note on their desk would make your employees day! When you have very hard working employees with high levels of productivity who don’t feel appreciated enough or much of an asset to the company, the chances are, their productivity will slowly slip away as they wouldn’t feel motivated or confident enough, due to previous experience. In many cases, it doesn’t have to cost you or your business a penny to make employees feel motivated as a simple and direct thank you would do. Acknowledging their work will inspire them to do great things and carry on the hard work. If you are willing to invest more into employee motivation and productivity, bringing in a great motivational speaker can help as well.

Having a decent reward system in place will also help you identify high performing employees as opposed to the down right lazy. A good employer should always keep track of their employee’s progression in the company and constantly supplying them with feedback, whether that is good or bad, seeing as employers are there to help their employees improve over time.Employees will appreciate this and as a result will feel motivated and produce high levels of productivity in the process.

Even though it is the employers job to make their employees feel motivated whilst in the workplace, many employees will feel motivated independently when they feel a sense of accomplishment in reaching their own personal goals whilst a work. Incentives will have an impact on productivity performance for those who would like to develop to a higher role within the company they are working at. These sorts of individuals will show motivation and productivity in their job role, purely for their own personal objectives that their line of work administers.

Employees are solely what make a business, so therefore they need to be treated right. A lot of them need something to feel motivated about to be productive, even if they love their job. Some still need that extra push and as an employer, it is your job to do just that. Create an environment that’s motivating and encourages productivity. You can even help achieve this by putting up quotes by Eric Thomas such as “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”


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