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Say To Yourself I Can: How To Remove The T From I Can't

I CAN'T DO THAT. I want you to ask yourself this question: How many times have you said I can't? You should follow the Confidence Building Exercises.

Do you use the excuse, "I don't have enough time"? How about "I'm not smart enough to do that". How many of us do everything we can to do something, that is possible to do. On the other hand, how many of us do all we can not to do something? 

Say To Yourself I Can: How To Remove The T From I Can't

The way to get ahead in life is all in the letter (T) . Remove the T from CAN'T and now you CAN. You see, that letter t represents what you tell yourself about whether you can do something.

If you want to jump out of a plane , jump out of a plane. Have an idea for an invention? Run it by someone you trust, if they like it and your intuition tells you it's a good idea, don't give up on it because you are not sure where to start. Tell yourself you can do it and take action.

I have taken the I can't approach for a majority of my life. When I finally woke up from my long unexciting slumber and decided to take action, I learned a lot about myself.

Confidence Building Exercises:

Confidence building exercises are a great way to develop your self-confidence. They include mental and physical exercises that are designed to build up your self-esteem and improve your sense of well-being. These exercises also have a positive effect on the way you interact with other people, which can lead to more fulfilling relationships in your life. The following are some excellent confidence building exercises.

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First Believe , Than Take Action:

I found out I am a lot more intelligent than I ever gave myself credit for. By unlocking my true potential, I not only realized I could write, but I also found out I am pretty handy.

There were two keys to getting my can't to can.

  • First I changed my thinking. I told myself I can do it and firmly believed it. I did not let anyone influence any of my decisions on different things I wanted to try.
  • Took action, I did not say later or tomorrow, I started right away.

The Breakthrough:

I was listening to a self improvement download by a gentleman named Bob Proctor while driving and as fast as you can snap your fingers, I suddenly realized I am intelligent. As it suddenly came over me I started to tear up, and right there I had the strongest feeling that my life was about to change.

That was what's known as a mind shift, and ever since I have a belief that I can do just about anything I put my mind to. Now one thing I want you to realize, is that you should always hold a high interest in what you want to do. If something doesn't interest you, it is not worth your time.

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Once I had this shift it was so amazing, I immediately felt a sense of peace inside and grateful for everything in my life. It dawned on me from that moment that I wanted to help others to achieve their highest potential.

If you think about it , there are so many people who work hard at something they don't like. You might as well work that hard at something you love, and in return it will not feel like work.

My Discoveries:

Besides my desire for writing as you are most likely aware of if you are reading this, I also started to take on projects at home that I would have never even thought about doing. Things that would have scared me to attempt in the past, became a challenge that I was eager to face.

Instead of hiring people to do it for me , I chose to start fixing stuff around the house. Some of my projects included the washer machine, a leaky sink, I put some shelving up, fixed doors etc... Before this, even with the help of google, I was still scared to try things. I removed the (T) from CAN'T and suddenly said I can. That's the initial inspirations about writing about confidence building exercises.

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Some Results Of Saying I Can:

To be successful in any work, self confidence is a must. That's why confidence building exercises are very important. After some of the things I fixed, I realized we needed some doors. This is where believing I can pays off, both financially and emotionally.

So in my first attempt I wanted to make a set of barn doors for a small linen closet. Now I have no background in carpentry, but I did have a strong desire and the one thing that matters, self belief.

I had no previous knowledge and did this by myself. Now while it may not be a masterpiece, I find them to be a pretty darn good set of doors. By the way I am not trying to sell you doors, just showing some proof of what you can accomplish by saying I can do this.

After I did those doors we had a long closet that needed some doors too.

So by this time I have no doubt I could do it and took on my next project, double sliding barn doors. I guess if we leave the door open we can say we live in a barn. Yeah I have some corny jokes lol.

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Once again I went in with 0 self doubt and came out with a decent looking set of doors. Not only did this save hundreds of dollars, but more than that the feeling of self accomplishment was overwhelming.

You see when you complete a rewarding task it is the greatest self confidence builder you can have.

Do your own tusks related to home and garden, check this "Better Home and Gardens". You can also check my personal development plan for self improvement.


Everyone should follow confidence building exercises. Believe in yourself. If you say I can and take action, almost all of the time you will have success and at the same time surprise yourself and those around you.

Remember, everyone has the same attributes and while some may be better in certain areas, all is possible with a strong will and determination. Hope this Confidence Building Exercises will be helpful to you.

The world has many possibilities. Take advantage of your time here, you are worth it!

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