5 Important Hand Gestures To Improve Your Presentation

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Did you know that you’re born to speak with your hands?

Remember when you were younger, learning other languages? You would gesture the action which correspondingly associates with the word. By doing this, it helps you remember and learn words easily. Hand gestures and body language for that matter, speaks greater intelligence and conveys confidence as well.

5  Important Hand Gestures To Improve Your Presentation

Conveying your message is best delivered with the use of nonverbal gestures — specifically hand gestures. Hand gestures easily and effectively transmits the information across with more understanding.

Presenting with just your PowerPoint or keynotes alone with only words coming out of your mouth without using proper gestures is poor communication. You should note that you need not only to speak with your words, but also with your hands. That is the quality of a great speaker.

Go show your passion and enthusiasm. Take note and practice your presentation by coordinating these most common hand gestures:

1) List

The most basic and easiest gesture there is in the handbook is numerical. You don’t even need to be conscious with your movement to be able to integrate the gesture with your words; it comes naturally. When signed the corresponding gesture, it makes the number of your message easier to

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2) Everything

This one is a monumental gesture so if you want to make a grand movement, this should be under your sleeve. Basically, it’s a sweeping gesture which can be used for covering all ideas.

#3: You and Me

Pointing to someone is illustrating that you’re including them or what your discussing applies to the person you’re conversing with. In addition, it’s a good gesture for attention grabbing if ever you catch someone wandering.

Do note to refrain yourself from using finger pointing. It can be perceived as aggressive and offensive especially depending on the context you are using at the time, so be aware of your actions, for it can be perceived negatively.

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And as per acting out the ‘me’ movement, bring your hands towards the heart or chest. It basically implies that you’re talking and pointing out yourself.

Whenever you ought to separate two different concepts or things, making hand movements helps to symbolize that. For instance, when you’re differentiating “we” from “them”, it’s best to use your right hand close to your chest as to say “we” and your left hand pointing to the other direction as to say “them”. This is an easy yet distinctive way to put distance between two separate things.

#5: We

Another grand, monumental and powerful gesture that will certainly stick with the audience is the “we” movement. It’s a gesture that leaves a great impact that can really get your message across and mark with your audience.

You do this by opening your arms as if you’re giving your audience a big hug. It’s a simple gesture that makes everyone feel included and in the conversation, with a large audience, this gesture will come in handy. Read more: Great Speakers And Presenters Do These 9 Things

No, you don’t have to animate or gesture each and every word theatrically. Only use them when necessary such as when you need to expound and give emphasis on a statement and the best way to do it is to add gestures and/or body movements.

What other gestures do you think are equally important? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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