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5 Things You Should Pay Attention To On A Digital Marketing Job Description

Limitless opportunities exist in digital marketing. The Philippines has a population exceeding 101 million in 2017 and almost half have access to the Internet. Most of these users spend their time logged onto their social media accounts. Therefore companies and business owners have taken their brand promotion and advertisement online. However, most companies lack the capability and knowledge to execute their online campaign, thus require a digital marketer to do the job for them. This phenomenon creates a niche in the marketing and information technology job market – a task for digital marketers.

5 Things You Should Pay Attention To On A Digital Marketing Job Description
 Digital Marketing Job Description

Openings for digital marketers and other online marketing related job listings are all over job search and career sites. Companies post different job descriptions depending on their needs and goals. The job may seem easy based on the displayed information, but in reality, it only covers the basics of the job.

Job advertisements may come off as misleading because of the lack of information included in the post. It can cause confusion to the person applying for the job as well as the receiving end facilitating the hiring process. It is important to read the job advert thoroughly and examine the contents of the job post. Keeping note of these five things when encountering a digital marketing job description can amp up the job seeker’s experience.

1. The Tools They Require

Some companies encourage bringing your laptop and devices into the workplace. They give out incentives to employees who use their stuff to work. This is ideal for those who own laptops. Most companies offering full-time positions will have extra, fully functioning desktops in the office but there are some small-sized information and software technology companies out there who have maxed out their units and would require you to bring your own devices when you come to work.

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Other companies offer work from home or work anywhere set up because of the nature of work. The setup requires a stable and (often) fast Internet connection. Forgetting to mention this detail in the job description increases the unproductive time consumed during job application and employee orientation.

2. The Skills They Require

Digital marketing is not limited to a scope or a channel. Read the job advert and find out what are the exact skills they need for the position. A job description would include the necessary skills to accomplish the job. Examples are [but not limited to]:

  • Writing – SEO, PPC, social media and social ads require copywriting skills while blogs, press releases, case studies and white papers require the long-form copy. Stamina in writing is a great plus for the applicant vying his or her ay into digital marketing.
  • Communication skills – Besides working with or in a team, it is essential to know how to explain things correctly and interpret what they are saying. Communication is oral and written and having a good grasp of both is imperative in the business environment.
  • Basic coding – There may be times when knowing how to place pixels on sites, changing the HTML code in an email, or adding a bold to a text on the backend of a CMS may come in handy. A background of basic coding places trusts on the employee as he or she is capable of accomplishing the task on her own.

Companies wouldn’t want applicants to be entirely clueless about the job roles. They would want someone who has the basics the covered at least. A job advert that doesn’t include these qualifications often trap fresh graduates and applicants without substantial experience.

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3. Scope of Work

Often, digital marketing is regarded as a ‘light’ job that makes use of social media platforms to launch the company’s campaign. Companies hire tech-savvy fresh grads to do the work, but they saddle the inexperienced newbie with too much work and expectations. Digital marketing has other facets including content marketing, visual marketing, and social media marketing, etc. Employing and expecting one person to deliver all these results in the highest standards while managing all of the facets is an annihilation. No one would want to be in that situation.

It is important for job descriptions to include the techniques to be employed, specify which marketing facet shall be handled or included in the post, and mention which teams will be working closely in doing the job. Including this in the job description minimizes the ambiguity of the job and the company.

4. Hiring and Evaluation Process

Recruiters and managers expect the applicant to be aware of their hiring process once called in for an interview but job adverts forget to include this detail for the benefit of both parties. Applying through an online job search makes the initial screening of the applicants for the desired qualification and skills. Sending an application through the old fashioned way takes a lot of work for the recruitment team because of all candidates whether with a particular background and stellar qualifications or not, have a chance to be accepted. 

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Other companies have oral exams, writing assignments and group activities to test the applicant’s credibility. These are often conducted after the initial interview without a heads up or warning. A job description that specifies the hiring. Evaluation process give the applicants a chance to prepare and get serious with the application.

5. Platforms

In this day and age of technology, marketing initiatives and campaigns are targeted towards social media platforms. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which provide live interaction for its users. Target market easily acknowledges marketing posts and queries are sent with ease. Applicants should be aware of the latest digital marketing platforms used by the company. A company employing an outdated platform is a red flag. It indicates the company is lagging behind its competitors. Therefore, applicants should look for greener pastures if they want to advance their careers.

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A digital marketing job may be an easy feat because of misleading job descriptions but do not be fooled. Reading the whole thing from top to bottom. Looking for these details will save you precious hours from applying to unfit jobs. It will also keep you from taking chances on unscrupulous job adverts.


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