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7 Qualities Of Every Great Speaker

Have you ever attended a seminar or keynote presentation and immediately fell in love with the speaker? You felt as though the speaker was so captivating that you could help but to give your full undivided attention to the presentation. This quality is a characteristic of an amazing speaker and communicator, and anyone can learn the skill with practice.

7 Qualities Of Every Great Speaker
Qualities Of Every Great Speaker

Now, what makes a speaker so great?

It is beyond just reading cue cards and flashing your PowerPoint presentation around with a lot of statistics, graphs, and fancy pictures, it’s more than what meets the eye. A presentations varies on the person’s characteristics, skill set, and knowledge.

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To give you a quick overview, here are some of the many qualities effective speakers have that leave a meaningful mark on their audience, and become known as one of the best speakers known.

1) Confidence

There are millions of people who fear public speaking, and many are mor afraid of public speaking than they are of death. So when you find yourself shaking to your knees, don’t feel ashamed because everyone goes through that. Ask the best speakers and they’ll tell you the same thing: they still get nervous before they step on stage.

What you’re feeling is normal and the solution to overcome it is not to get rid of it but rather, conquer it. Remember, your nerves are internal, nobody can see it unless you show them through your deliverance.

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The best speakers are confident and in control of the whole presentation, even the audience at some point. These people have their own shenanigans to calm themselves before heading the stage. Physical exercises such as stretching is a great way to calm your nerves.

Practice your speech as many times as possible before the event to get a good grasp of the subject and be to help yourself be more prepared and more in control. As you practice it again and again, the confidence will naturally flow and come out. A confident speakers shows that they are knowledgeable, credible, competent, and likeable than less confident presenters.

2) Passion

Conducting a presentation without your mind and whole being present or fully committed in the event. If you want to pique the interest of your audience and get their full attention, you need to be passionate with your topic and the way you present it.

Without that sincerity, your whole presentation would be meaningless to the listeners for chances are, they won’t take away anything since their minds are focused on something else.

No, there’s no way you can ‘practice’ to illustrate how passionate you are. The key is to focus on your topic and be sure that it’s something you’re passionate about and you’re eager to share the knowledge with other people. This will allow you to make an emotional connection with your audience which in turn, will allow you to have more of an impact on them.

3) Storytelling

We, humans, are buzzing for stories. Stories are great icebreakers to get the audience warmed up to listen to the important bits of the presentation.

Why are people wired for stories? Because these are tales told by people who have riveting experiences. If you share these experiences and include it in your presentation, of course, it being relative to the topic; it feels less of a presentation and more of a normal two person conversation.

It simply helps you connect with your audience and leave an impact on them on a deeper level. Stories of triumphs and struggles are the best sellers. Your audience might not get a good grasp of your thoughts, but they can feel what you felt. Stories work wonders in illustrating a point. Don’t be afraid to reveal a little about yourself, consider either introducing or ending your presentation with a story.

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4) Intellectual Yet Full of Humor

What’s truly remarkable about amazing speakers is their broad know-how and expertise about their topic. What’s even more sensational is their aptitude for appropriately inserting humor in the context.

Audience expect speakers to have full knowledge regarding their topic. Speakers, on the other hand, find ways on how they can engage with their audience all throughout the event. Throwing in some appropriate jokes, puns and the likes is an easy way to keep the audience interested.

Do keep in mind though that jokes or other tactics you have should be delivered accordingly; timing and relevance is key.

5) Self-Awareness

When preparing for a public speaking event or presentation, it’s important and a key element to have a high level of attention — self-awareness.

Observe how you present yourself and communicate with your family, certain friends, work environment, community and your presentation audience. The person you are in front of your colleagues can differ from your personality when with your family or friends.

To put it simply, if you’re unaware of how you present yourself through behavior, movement and own patterns and its effect on others, you might regret some actions or worse, unintentionally offend others.

6) Expressiveness

To effectively convey a message or thought is difficult enough already, using the right tone, volume and speed of voice makes the task twice as hard.

A great speaker has an animated voice which enables them to deliver each and every word suitably. Their voice is their instrument however, it’s never monotonous. These inspiring people apply cadence.

Also, be expressive on other forms such as through, body movements, facial expressions and other nonverbals. Hand gestures are also a great way to improve your presentation. They can be game-changers and helps to easily convey your thought and

7) Authenticity

Every speaker tell stories and embodies them. Once a speaker utter a word, they’re revealing a piece of themselves.

No matter how many times you rehearse your speech, if it appears too scripted and insincere, it loses its value. Be your genuine self on stage; don’t act like somebody else.

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