Stop Worrying and Start Living

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living? Most of us spend a lot of time inside our head replaying old memories and worrying about things that never happened. You can expect to have a lot more anxiety if you think a lot about past events. 

Stop Worrying and Start Living
Stop Worrying and Start Living

Worrying can take a lot of energy out of you and keep you from achieving your goals.

Problem Solving

The art of problem-solving is crucial because it allows you to open your mind and stop worrying and make plans to solve the problem. 

  1. What are you worried about?
  2. Acknowledge your worry and understand what is making you think this way.
  3. Write it down. Take 10-15 minutes. 
  4. Can you do anything to help the situation such as make a phone call, research the problem online, network with other’s that have the same issue as mine? 

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Problem-Solving can help you because it allows you to visually see what front of you, and can help you make plans.

Make a list of what you want to do for a specific worry and turn it into a problem-solving method.

After the list is made check it off when you are done.

There is a lot you have control over that can make a gigantic difference in the way you approach your life.

According to Graham Davies C.L. Davey, Ph. D. wrote an article for ” Psychology Today” Ten Tips To Manage Your Worrying.” He states that you need to ” Worry Smarter”, and perfectly states after you worry you may need to soothe yourself.worrying.

What Are You Thinking?

Processing your information is vastly different than someone else, so it’s crucial to know how you think and perspectives you are taking. 


Knowing when you worry is crucial and what you make changes to the way you are thinking.

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Do You Worry About a Lot Of things that don’t happen?

There are certain struggles that you have no control over and as hard as sounds have to accept.

Why Do We Worry? 

What are different types of worrying and how can they affect you from reaching your full potential?

If you are having anxiety and are worrying about something that you have no control over this can cause a feedback loop which means when you try harder to stop worrying and thinking so much it becomes stronger.

According to Graham L. David, PhD. D. and Professor of Psychology His article on ” Ten Tips To Manage Worry”. He states that worry is fueled by your fear .

Research proves that worrying can be ingrained into someone personality and can indeterminately affect someone’s social life and aspects’s of life.

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Focus On Strengths

Looking at your strengths is important because you can make a list of what strength’s you have and build up from this list.

Challenge your thoughts by focusing on your strengths can increase your self-esteem and allows you to make better decisions.

How can use strengths and positive thinking decrease your worries?

Look at your strengths and recognize what you are good at and take that with you. Focusing on your strengths can help you build upon yourself.

A true story that touched my soul as a teenager it’s about a young girl who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that was disfigured.

She had an attitude of grace and glory rather than feeling sorry for herself.

Her positive attitude was a real inspiration to me she never let her disease make her into an angry person, instead, she was pleasant and didn’t allow her disease to make her miserable.

Watch the video What do you need to stop worrying and start living

Final Thoughts And Solutions

Everyone worries sometime in their life, but you have the capacity to visualize what is essential.

You have control over some of the worries you have by taking critical action. 

Use your skills of problem-solving and make a list of what you can do when you start to think too much or get caught up in a feedback look of worrisome thoughts.

Use that list and continue to update it according to the new worries you have.

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In my experience overthinking about anything can make your worry, but planning and be prepared is helpful for many that worry overthink.

 My last thought is that you deserve to have a life that is happy, healthy, and stress-free. Do what you can and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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